Controversial, for-profit Edison Schools, once hailed as the salvation of public education, has fallen from glory as what seemed like visionary ideas turned out to be just a sales pitch. In its heyday, Edison claimed that it could run public schools for less money than school districts could. The company dropped that claim as dismayed clients complained about its extra costs.

Edison's boasts that it could improve student achievement while making a profit fell just as flat.

Edison's student achievement has been mixed at best, and its claims about academic improvement never held up to scrutiny. A July 2002 New York Times analysis of Edison's claims found that the troubled Cleveland, Ohio, school system achieved higher gains than Edison's schools when analyzed with the methodology Edison applied to its own schools' achievement.

The notion of making a profit collapsed too. Edison Schools lost millions of dollars every year, showing a profit in just one quarter of the 10 years it made its finances public.

Edison's stock was publicly traded on the NASDAQ for four years. After reaching a high of close to $40 per share in early 2001, the share value tumbled to a low of 14 cents. In November 2003, the company was taken private in a buyout which paid only $1.75 per share. It was shortly after the buyout that Edison posted its lone profitable quarter, and then immediately ceased providing any public disclosure of its finances. The company has never indicated that it was able to maintain profitability for more than the one quarter.

After losing many contracts - along with its media luster -- Edison quietly began moving away from its original mission of "revolutionizing" public education, and into marketing conventional supplemental services such as testing, summer school and tutoring. Almost all of its new business involves providing such services rather than trying to manage schools.

Edison attracted ideological support from backers of privatization and school vouchers, and from such powerful conservative bastions as the Wall Street Journal editorial board and the Hoover Institution. But its name is no longer mentioned when "school reform" supporters talk about solutions for public education.

Number of cancelled Edison contracts

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PASA Press Releases

Hot Off The Presses
June 30, 2005Edison Schools' False Numbers Obscure Contract Losses
April 21, 2005Sex, cheating scandals cost stumbling Edison Schools another client
February 26, 2005Edison Schools loses Miami contract as for-profit firm slides into irrelevance
August 29, 2004 Once-hailed privatized school posts mediocre test scores
September 16, 2003 Edison Schools: 'dreams unrealized'
March 5, 2003 Inconsistencies, selectivity cloud Edison Schools report
January 22, 2003 Edison Schools’ new achievement claims exclude most of the company’s schools
October 11, 2002 Community Angered Over Edison Schools' Proposal, Calling it Child Labor
August 29, 2002 Alert: Edison school released false test scores
July 13, 2002 Edison's New York test scores plunge
June 24, 2002 Most of Edison's early contracts severed
June 15, 2002 RAND Denies Link with Questionable Edison Test Scores Claim
May 21, 2002 Concerning Possible Edison Schools Savior's Controversial Ultra-Right History
May 20, 2002 Omissions, Misstatements Discredit Edison Achievement Claims
May 2, 2002 Alert from Parents Advocating School Accountability, San Francisco
May 1, 2002 Peoria Kids Pay Price of Costly Edison Schools

Bogus Claims
June 30, 2005Edison Schools' False Numbers Obscure Contract Losses
March 5, 2003 Inconsistencies, selectivity cloud Edison Schools report
June 15, 2002 RAND Denies Link with Questionable Edison Test Scores Claim
March 13, 2002 Discrepancy discredits Edison test score claims
February 18, 2002 Most Edison Schools in Illinois Suffer Drops in Scores
February 1, 2002 Edison Schools Underreports Severed Contracts
December 22, 2001 Edison's Philly Sales Pitch Heavy on Myths
November 18, 2001 Low Performance at more Edison Schools Further Discredits Company "Gains" Boast
October 4, 2001 Claims of Gains 'Potentially Misleading,' Edison Schools Admits
September 17, 2001 How Voucher Campaign Machinery, Other Outsiders Orchestrated Edison 'Parents' Crusade
March 15, 2001 Edison Schools' Hallmark: Slick Promises, Lackluster Results
February 12, 2001 Edison Schools' Purported Score Gains Inflated

The San Francisco Story
December 15, 2001 Updated Academic Scores Confirm Edison School's Bottom Ranking
October 16, 2001 Controversial Edison School Lands Dead Last in District Academic Ranking
October 7, 2001 Edison Schools Inc. Balks at Feeding Kids
September 24, 2001 Four Edison Schools Land on State's Lowest-Performing List
September 17, 2001 How Voucher Campaign Machinery, Other Outsiders Orchestrated Edison 'Parents' Crusade
September 16, 2001 7 Disadvantaged San Francisco Schools' Gains Soar Above Edison's
August 15, 2001 2001 Test Scores Drop at San Francisco's For-Profit Edison School
July 12, 2001 State Charter Approved for Controversial Edison School
July 10, 2001 Many African-American Students Excluded from Edison Test Scores
July 3, 2001 Racial Tension Racks Edison School, Ex-Parents Reveal
April 30, 2001 Unwanted Edison Schools Trying to Force Renewal of San Francisco Contract
February 12, 2001 Edison Schools' Purported Score Gains Inflated

Test Scores
March 5, 2003 Inconsistencies, selectivity cloud Edison Schools report
August 29, 2002 Alert: Edison school released false test scores
July 13, 2002 Edison's New York test scores plunge
June 15, 2002 RAND Denies Link with Questionable Edison Test Scores Claim
May 20, 2002 Omissions, Misstatements Discredit Edison Achievement Claims
March 13, 2002 Discrepancy discredits Edison test score claims
February 18, 2002 Most Edison Schools in Illinois Suffer Drops in Scores
January 21, 2002 5 of 8 Edison Schools Drop on California’s Similar Schools Index
January 12, 2002 Edison Likely to Lose Two Wichita Schools
December 15, 2001 Updated Academic Scores Confirm Edison School's Bottom Ranking
October 16, 2001 Controversial Edison School Lands Dead Last in District Academic Ranking
September 24, 2001 Four Edison Schools Land on State's Lowest-Performing List
September 16, 2001 Seven Disadvantaged San Francisco Schools' Gains Soar Above Edison's
August 15, 2001 2001 Test Scores Drop at San Francisco's For-Profit Edison School
July 10, 2001 Many African-American Students Excluded from Edison Test Scores
June 19, 2001 Test Scores Rise After Texas District Severs For-Profit Contract
February 12, 2001 Edison Schools' Purported Score Gains Inflated

Financial Failures
April 26, 2002 Brokerage Inflates Edison Schools Projection
April 25, 2002 Edison Schools Stock Plummets
April 23, 2002 Paper Hints Governor Wanted to Give Edison Philly Schools to Pump Up Company's Stock Price
April 21, 2002 Edison Schools Slapped Down in Philadelphia
July 20, 2001 Edisons Schools' San Francisco Rent Concession Sparks Hope Elsewhere
April 18, 2001 N.C. District Seeks to Oust Edison Schools Mid-Contract
March 9, 2001 Costly Edison Schools Flunk Out in San Antonio
February 19, 2001 How Million-Dollar Costs, Mediocre Results Sank Texas Edison School

Open Letters
February 22, 2002 Inaccuracies and Corrections
November 28, 2001 17 Things Philadelphia Should Know about Edison
July 4, 2001 An Open Letter to the California State Board of Education

March 18, 2003 Business 2.0
October 20, 2002 Edison Schools deals with student violence
January 2, 2002 Edison's a Joke in Pennsylvania

Other Media

Edison in the News
December 1, 2008The Quick and the EdEdison-Go-Round
July 29, 2008SF Education ExaminerAnother Edison Schools achievement claim falls apart under scrutiny
July 22, 2008SF Education ExaminerThe light goes out for once-hailed Edison Schools
July 20, 2008New York MagazineSuper-Special Ed
June 29, 2008Washington PostSetback for Philadelphia Schools Plan
June 25, 2008Philadelphia InquirerEdison says it was not liable for school safety
June 19, 2008 Philadelphia Inquirer Phila. taking back 6 privatized schools
September 10, 2007 San Diego Union-Tribune Charter school severs most ties with N.Y. firm
August 11, 2007 Philadelphia Daily News Nevels to quit school-reform post
June 28, 2007 Philadelphia Daily News School-manager funding OK'd
June 25, 2007 Charleston Post and Courier Private education company didn't make the grade
June 21, 2007 Philadelphia Inquirer SRC postpones decision on six outside managers
June 14, 2007 Philadelphia Inquirer SRC considers 3 options to alter outside-management contracts
April 16, 2007 Baltimore Sun Taking over for Edison
April 11, 2007 Philadelphia Inquirer City school managers backed as hearings open
March 21, 2007 Philadelphia Daily News Edison can see cut in schools, services
March 16, 2007 Philadelphia Daily News Nevels: Unaware of Edison
March 9, 2007 Philadelphia Daily News Schools pay $1.6M for 'ghost' pupils
March 5, 2007 New York Post CITY PROBES SCHOOLS BIG
February 28, 2007 Philadelphia Inquirer Ex-staffer sues city charter school
December 17, 2006 Trenton Times Leaky gym roof benches gym classes
November 15, 2006 Philadelphia Inquirer Private managers in district face cuts
November 9, 2006 Philadelphia Inquirer Vallas gets heat on school cuts
October 24, 2006 Philadelphia Daily News 9th-grade sports, teen-parenting centers, librarians on state-appointed overseers' list of possible targets
October 10, 2006 Philadelphia Daily News $21M schools deficit to force layoffs, cuts
Fall 2006 Philadelphia Public School Notebook Focus on School District Contracting
September 1, 2006 Philadelphia Inquirer Schools in region make progress
August 19, 2006 Albany Times Union Charter school hires new manager
July 26, 2006 Baltimore Examiner Edison Schools: Nothing more than a sales pitch
July 14, 2006 Baltimore Sun No magic bullet
July 13, 2006 Baltimore Sun Edison schools see drop in scores
June 13, 2006 Education News Showdown at the OK Corral
May 26, 2006 Philadelphia Daily News State: Vallas' budget woes not our fault
May 13, 2006 Journal Gazette Measuring charter management
April 6, 2006 Philadelphia Inquirer Street slams Pa. cut to district budget
March 30, 2006 Baltimore Sun Success rare after takeover of districts
March 28, 2006 PJ Star Edison schools to stay in Peoria
March 16, 2006 Las Vegas Review Journal Troubled school starts fresh
March 11, 2006 Dayton Daily News Assault victim's mom files lawsuit
March 8, 2006 NY Times Report on Tutoring Firms Cites Problems in New York
March 8, 2006 Philadelphia Inquirer Edison schools suffer in city parents' survey
February 28, 2006 Albany Times Union Charter school receives warning
February 15, 2006 Duluth News Tribune Schools will stay with Edison -- for now
February 12, 2006 Duluth News Tribune Charter schools may drop Edison
February 6, 2006 Worcester Telegram School’s charter up for renewal
January 26, 2006 MSNBC Buffalo Charter School Troubles
January 11, 2006 Duluth News Tribune A graduation for the academy?
December 10, 2005 Peoria Journal Star Edison contract on the table
December 10, 2005 Dayton Daily News School blasted for sex assault
December 3, 2005 WTOV Middle School Principal Under Arrest
November 24, 2005 Education Review Crash Course: Imagining a Better Future for Public Education
November 8, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer They agree public schools need help - in different ways
November 2, 2005 Belleville News Democrat Chicago's largest tutoring provider cooperates in state probe
November 1, 2005 PJ Star 19 schools decline in performance
October 31, 2005 Peoria Journal Star Study: Edison results mixed
October 27, 2005 Sacramento Bee Molly Ivins: Corporatization of culture is threat to democracy
October 23, 2005 Chicago Sun Times Tutoring service disqualified at 5 schools
October 13, 2005 Honolulu Star Bulletin Edison schools are only average
September 29, 2005 Philadelphia Daily News School reforms: Results mixed
September 26, 2005 Chicago Tribune Overhead eats up federal tutor funds
September 9, 2005 Baltimore Sun Privately run city schools cost more to improve
August 10, 2005 Lexington Herald Leader Many poor, minority children still left behind
July 2, 2005 ABC News After Bail Out, Privatization, School District Starts Over
July 1, 2005 EducationNews Edison Schools' False Numbers Obscure Contract Losses
July 1, 2005 PJ Star District 150 panel says Edison should go
June 30, 2005 Journal-Sentinel Charter school ends Edison affiliation
June 26, 2005 Delco Times Failing grade
June 22, 2005 Washington Post Board Revokes Southeast School's Charter
June 21, 2005 Dayton Daily News School suspends 2 officials
June 18, 2005 Peoria Journal Star Board wants more info on Edison
June 17, 2005 Peoria Journal Star Edison contract in doubt
June 16, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer Edison in Chester: How plan failed
June 15, 2005 Flint Journal Except for names, much will stay same at ex-Edison schools
Summer 2005 The Notebook Edison in Line for Two More Schools
May 28, 2005 Duluth News Trubune CHARTER SCHOOLS: Shrinking enrollments are expected to means fewer teachers at Duluth's Edison schools
May 25, 2005 Delco Times ‘Case is closed’ against Chester High principal
May 25, 2005 Penn Live Ambitious school reform effort collapses
May 22, 2005 Springfiled State Journal Register Firm won't be back to run Feitshans
May 21, 2005 Dayton Daily News Charter school admits being 'remiss'
May 20, 2005 Peoria Journal Star Budget task force eyes Edison Schools
May 19, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer School panel delays two votes
May 18, 2005 Springfield Journal Register School board requests VOICES deliver 'more specific' ideas
May 13, 2005 Albany Times Union Bond sale lifts school spirit
May 11, 2005 Flint Journal King school to close
May 11, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer Edison fires a principal over exam allegations
May 9, 2005 Detroit Free Press Inkster Schools ready to work on own, leader says
April 30, 2005 Flint Journal Teachers balk at Westwood's year-round school idea
April 29, 2005 Honolulu Advertiser Restructuring of 24 schools wins an OK
April 26, 2005 Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Charter school pair defended
April 23, 2005 Peoria Journal Star A flurry of ideas - and Post-its
April 21, 2005 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Charter school faces inquiry
April 21, 2005 Delco Times Show Edison the door out of Chester Upland
April 21, 2005 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle State accedes to mayor: Charter school will be probed
April 20, 2005 St. Petersburg Times Conflict over failing schools on horizon
April 19, 2005 Common Denominator Board votes to revoke charter at SE school
April 17, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer Principal accused of cheating on tests
April 16, 2005 Delco Times C.U. officials: Students blew whistle on principal
April 15, 2005 Albany Times Union Principal's exit leaves questions
April 14, 2005 Flint Journal Flint school board seeks busing, budget solutions
April 10, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer Principal just tip of Chester-Upland woes
April 10, 2005 Delco Times Charges against Wilson the last straw for Edison
April 9, 2005 Delco Times Edison confirms it willl leave Chester Upland
April 8, 2005 Delco Times Edison spokesman: We’re outta here
April 8, 2005 Delco Times No matter the outcome, Chester will suffer
April 7, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer School reeling over sex charges
April 7, 2005 Delco Times Latest controversy could signal the end for Edison
April 6, 2005 Abany Times Union Charter school chief resigns
April 6, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer Principal accused of sexual incidents
April 5, 2005State Journal RegisterSchool board against keeping Edison
March 31, 2005Miami HeraldFailing schools takeover targets
March 25, 2005Detroit Free PressMANN BANNED
March 24, 2005Houston ChronicleWhen public schools go to profiteers, all of Texas loses
March 23, 2005Delco TimesMonitor: Edison sells foreign learners short
March 21, 2005Rochester Democrat & ChronicleLeadership, size blamed for demise of 2 schools
March 18, 2005Austin ChroniclePublic Ed Bill Escapes the House – Barely
March 15, 2005Rochester Democrat & ChronicleNo gains in fight to save a charter school
March 13, 2005Delco TimesJones has new vision for Chester
March 12, 2005Rochester Democrat & ChronicleSUNY official hopes principal Banister will open a charter
March 4, 2005Week.comOut of Money
March 4, 2005York Daily RecordLincoln money may be released
March 3, 2005Delco TimesFor Chester Upland, recent progress comes to standstill
March 2, 2005Rochester Democrat and ChroniclePleas, protests fail to keep ailing facilities alive
March 2, 2005Jersey JournalSchomburg School buys its building
March 2, 2005Education WeekState-Run Pa. District Battles Host of Woes
March 1, 2005 Flint JournalNew plan pares school closings to two
February 25, 2005Delco TimesIt’s official: Chester Upland in major financial meltdown
February 24, 2005St. Petersburg Times'The ultimate sanction'
February 21, 2005WROCState: Time's Up for Two Charter Schools
February 20, 2005NY Times'TUTOR' ETHICS
February 18, 2005Miami HeraldPrivate takeover step closer for F schools
February 16, 2005Philadelphia InquirerDistrict chief urges Edison's departure
February 15, 2005Delco TimesKirkland won’t seek funds unless Edison goes
February 15, 2005Delco TimesC.U. exec’s recommendation: Don’t renew Edison’s contract
February 12, 2005Rochester Journal NewsRochester school finds new motivation to succeed
January 24, 2005Delco TimesReport scores C.U. schools
January 20, 2005York DispatchCharter dispute appeal
December 31, 2004York DispatchCourt denies appeal over charter school rent
December 29, 2004Delco TimesC.U. puts Edison on notice
December 17, 2004Kansas City StarMissouri board rejects proposal for new Westport charter school
December 16, 2004Columbia Daily TribuneBill would deny funds to Newton
December 16, 2004NY TimesA Second Report Shows Charter School Students Not Performing as Well as Other Students
December 16, 2004York Daily RecordSchool board flunks charter
December 15, 2004Buffalo Business FirstStepping Stone Charter School gets probation
December 13, 2004Education NewsPRIVATIZATION ZEALOTRY
December 11, 2004Buffalo NewsState agency to place charter school on probation
December 10, 2004York DispatchSchool board to add to charter opposition
December 1, 2004York Daily RecordLincoln Charter officials appeal to school board
November 26, 2004Delco TimesC.U. board members want Edison out
November 23, 2004Philadelphia InquirerStetson parents put blame on school
November 19, 2004Philadelphia Daily NewsStetson principal removed after rape
November 19, 2004Philadelphia InquirerDistrict puts Edison on notice after rape
November 17, 2004NBC10Boy, 12, Allegedly Raped By Male Classmate At School
November 12, 2004Denver PostBoard postpones decision on Cole charter
November 10, 2004Pasadena Star NewsSchool officials flip over gymnastics, suspend girl
November 9, 2004Delco TimesOrder needed in problematic school district
November 1, 2004Delco Times‘Down to bone’ C.U. budget to force cuts, building sales
October 8, 2004 Philadelphia InquirerState report criticizes Chester Upland schools
October 8, 2004 PR NewswireWeaver Disputes Recommendation of State Management Assessment Study
October 1, 2004 Delco Times It’s time for action to fix Chester schools
September 30, 2004 Delco Times Edison on shaky ground?
September 29, 2004 Delco Times Tempers, emotions flare at meeting in Chester Upland
September 28, 2004 Delco Times Students clash at Chester High
September 24, 2004 Delco Times Angry Chester High students walk out to protest overcrowding
September 23, 2004 CorpWatch Leaving Children Behind
September 22, 2004 Delco Times Chester High still reeling from overcrowding
September 22, 2004 Peoria Journal Star Former District 150 official blames error on ex-superintendent
September 21, 2004 Peoria Journal Star Ex-District 150 head defends self at meeting
September 17, 2004 Albany Times Union Charter school gets a reprieve
September 15, 2004 Colorado Springs Gazette Closing Schools No Answer, Many Say
September 10, 2004 Las Vegas Journal Review 818 students opt to switch from struggling schools
September 9, 2004 New York Teacher Regents to debate charter, middle-level education
August 26, 2004 Kansas City Star Charter schools' errors tallied
August 26, 2004 Flint Journal Northwestern-Edison principal takes Detroit job
August 15, 2004 SF Bay Guardian Failing grades
August 12, 2004 Albany Times Union Charter schools on hunt for students
August 6, 2004 AlterNet My Own Private School District
August 3, 2004 Education News Grassroots Parent Group Unites To File Federal Civil Suit Against Edison Schools
August 2, 2004 Las Vegas Journal Review TIME RUNNING OUT: Edison struggles on
July 19, 2004 Neosho Daily News Diamond district sues summer school provider
June 30, 2004 Philadelphia Inquirer Board retains Edison Schools amid a protest
June 16, 2004 Philadelphia Daily News How district fared on quest to fix schools
June 10, 2004 The State Schools expel unhealthy snacks
June 10, 2004 Philadelphia Daily News Test scores up... again
June 9, 2004 NUVO Christel House hires Edison
June 1, 2004 Kansas City Star Multiple problems afflict KC district's experiment
May 21, 2004 Daily Times Edison drops the ax
May 18, 2004 Kansas City Star Westport officials concede problems
May 10, 2004 The Times of Trenton Troubled past leads to no future
May 10, 2004 Lexington Herald-Leader School vouchers don't live up to claims
May 4, 2004 Newsday Principal to step down
April 29, 2004 Kansas City Star KC board takes over Westport Charter School
April 26, 2004 Palm Beach Post Risky political bet with O.P.M.
April 3, 2004 Newsday Trouble for charter school in Riverhead
April 1, 2004 Tyler Morning Telegraph Stewart Middle School Headed In New Direction After Edison
March 31, 2004 Tyler Morning Telegraph Edison Project Didn'T Make Grade
March 25, 2004 York Daily Record Tough test for charter school
March 23, 2004 Times of Trenton Granville Charter School closing
March 17, 2004 Jersey Journal Schomburg Charter School cheers news its state charter is renewed
February 28, 2004 Flint Journal Flint moves to help struggling schools
February 27, 2004 Riverhead News-Review Charter Problems
February 24, 2004 WROC-TV Tensions High at Charter School Meeting
February 22, 2004 Flint Journal Schools score well in fantasy, deceit
February 21, 2004 York Daily Record Coach proposes third charter school
February 2004Colorado Springs GazetteCharter school enrollment keeps growing
January 1, 2004 News-Review Charter controversy erupts
December 25, 2003 York Daily Record Lincoln Charter School has a plan
December 5, 2003 Flint Journal Flint: Parents fight to save Edison program
December 3, 2003 York Daily Record Rent set for charter school
November 24, 2003 Orlando Business Journal Study: Fla. funds manager overpaid
November 17, 2003 St. Petersburg Times Where the money goes
November 12, 2003 US Newswire Edison Investment Is Risky Business for Retirees, Say Groups
November 10, 2003 Orlando Business Journal Pension investment blasted
November 6, 2003 Kansas City Star Edison school deal called off
November 5, 2003 State Journal-Register Schiller pessimistic about schools
November 3, 2003 St. Petersburg Times Too good a deal for state pension fund?
October 18, 2003 Flint Journal MEAP-score ax hangs over Edison ties
October 1, 2003 Venice Gondolier State pension fund investment criticized by teachers' union
September 30, 2003 Tampa Bay Business Journal NEA warns Florida against investing in Edison
September 27, 2003 Flint Journal School option:Shutter or tax
September 26, 2003 St. Petersburg Times Investing in irony
September 17, 2003 Daily Pennsylvanian Edison Schools turns profit for first time
August 28, 2003 Boston Globe Weld firm is Boston fund finalist
August 25, 2003 Dow Jones Business News Edison Schools Details Buyout, Including CEO Pay Raise
August 13, 2003 Rocky Mount Telegram Swift Creek Elementary makes most improvement
July 15, 2003 SF Chronicle Edison Schools shareholders sue to block company's sale
July 15, 2003 Wall Street Journal Edison Schools CEO Whittle To Lead Management Buyout
July 14, 2003 Wall Street Journal Edison Founder to Buy Back Company for $93.5 Million
July 3, 2003 New York Times Edison Stays Afloat by Altering Course
July 2, 2003 The Daily Times Chester Upland will wait before approving budget
June 26, 2003 NewsHour Update: School Experiment
June 26, 2003 NY Post Deal To Rescue Harlem Museum
June 23, 2003 The News-Review Charter must pay up
June 21, 2003 Las Vegas Journal Review Legislative mess leaves schools in limbo
June 18, 2003 Kansas City Star Philly Scales Back School Privatization
June 15, 2003 San Jose Mercury News Crucial legislation: charter schools, AB 1137
June 13, 2003 Las Vegas Sun School Board told to put Edison expansion plans on hold
June 12, 2003 Denver Post PBS looks at profit push for schools
June 11, 2003 Las Vegas Sun Report puts Edison's expansion in doubt
May 27, 2003 York Daily Record Lincoln Charter School should quit squabbling and pay up
May 23, 2003 The The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week
May 23, 2003 Newsday Report Gets an F: Edison Schools had kept loan default quiet
May 16, 2003 York Dispatch Board fails to rule on payment
May 14, 2003 The Times Charter schools searching for sites
May 7, 2003 New York Times New York Times debunks voucher boosters' holy grail
May 3, 2003 New York Times Charter Schools Grow in Suburbs, Uneasily
May 2, 2003 Austin Chronicle On the Lege
April 20, 2003 The Times Financial ills dog Granville school
April 8, 2003 Flint Journal Ed panel ponders Edison school move
April 3, 2003 Las Vegas Sun Measure would affect Edison contract
April 2, 2003 Education Week Vallas Calls For Cuts To Private Companies
March 29, 2003 Kansas City Star Summer-school incentives surprise, upset Hickman Mills board members
March 27, 2003 Las Vegas review-Journal Micromanagement Issues
March 23, 2003 Tyler Morning Telegraph TISD Trustees To Review Edison Contract
March 18, 2003 Battle Creek Enquirer Level Park Elementary to close: Board fails to renew Edison contract
March 16, 2003 Battle Creek Enquirer B.C. school board to tackle fate of Level Park, Edison
March 14, 2003 Las Vegas Sun Patience wearing thin with Edison Schools
March 12, 2003 Las Vegas Sun Panel urges overhaul of Edison-run school
March 12, 2003 Phoenixville News It's too late to seek more start-up fees
March 11, 2003 The Phoenix Edison wants more money
March 8, 2003 The Trentonian Granville not panicking about cash woes
March 5, 2003 The Trentonian Granville charter sued for back rent
March 4, 2003 Las Vegas Review-Journal INADEQUATE SCHOOLS: District's list hits Thirty
March 4, 2003 Las Vegas Sun Thirty area schools need to improve
March 1, 2003 Kansas City Star Westport Charter school plans to drop contract with Edison
February 28, 2003 Union-News Charter: SABIS to run school
February 21, 2003 Tyler Morning Telegraph Board Boots Edison Off Stewart Campus
February 21, 2003 The Delco Times Edison could be pinched without overdue subsidy from Chester Upland
February 15, 2003 Kansas City Star State budget gloom decides Park Hill's direction for summer school
February 14, 2003 Tyler Morning Telegraph Edison Officials Defend Program
February 5, 2003 KSHB News Allegations against the Westport Senior Academy and the man who says what went wrong
February 5, 2003 Kansas City Star Attendance figures under scrutiny at two KC charter schools
February 3, 2003 Indianapolis Star City may pull school's charter
January 16, 2003 The Daily Pennsylvanian Questions cloud Edison takeover
January 9, 2003 Detroit Free Press Pontiac Schools: Edison ideas might be used
January 8, 2003 Detroit Free Press Pontiac board to end Edison Schools contract
December 15, 2002 New York Times Philadelphia School's Woes Defeat Veteran Principal
December 9, 2002 Fortune Why Edison Doesn't Work
November 26, 2002 York Daily Record Edison deal stinks
November 20, 2002 Edison Schools flirting with disaster Philadelphia Fights Schools Takeover
November 20, 2002 Associated Press Philadelphia Fights Schools Takeover
November 14, 2002 Dow Jones Business News Edison Schools 1st-Quarter Loss Widened
November 8, 2002 NY Daily News Whittling away debt
November 5, 2002 Dow Jones Business News Nasville, N.C., School Board Ends Contract With Edison Schools
November 5, 2002 Rocky Mount Telegram Edison dumped by board
November 4, 2002 Business Week Edison: An "F" in Finance
October 31, 2002 Rocky Mount Telegram Nash-Rocky Mount may sever pact with Edison
October 31, 2002 Arizona Daily Star Concerns about privatizing
October 29, 2002 Palm Beach Post Turn recess into job training
October 29, 2002 New York Times Federal Report Makes No Call on For-Profit Schools
October 29, 2002 Wall Street Journal Studies on For-Profit Schools Found Inconclusive
October 28, 2002 O'Dwyer's PR Daily Edison Fights Media Barrage
October 24, 2002 Philadelphia City Paper Whittle me this
October 24, 2002 HC&G Home for the Money
October 22, 2002 Wall Street Journal Edison Schools Works to Lift Failing Grade From Investors
October 16, 2002 Associated Press School System Mulls Cutting Edison
October 16, 2002 Delco Times Test scores continue their downward trend
October 16, 2002 Delco Times Time for Edison to deliver to Chester Upland
October 12, 2002 Delco Times Edison faces a threat
October 12, 2002 Detroit News Embattled Edison Schools criticized for idea to make students work
October 9, 2002 Flint Journal Edison Schools chief says firm financially solid
October 8, 2002 Flint Journal Flint: Edison school parents may get warning letter
October 7, 2002 US News & World Report Philly's Fresh Start
October 6, 2002 Associated Press Edison, Philly Schools Chief Spar
October 4, 2002 Reuters Philadelphia Eyes Edison Schools Future
October 2, 2002 Associated Press School District Withholds Paycheck
October 1, 2002 Tyler Morning Telegraph Parent Wants More Charges Against Teacher
September 30, 2002 Tyler Morning Telegraph Teacher Who Allegedly Hit Student Suspended
September 27, 2002 The Delco Times CUEA members upset with Edison
September 24, 2002 Detroit Free Press Mt. Clemens has its schools back: Critics say private firm fell short of lofty goals
September 24, 2002 Detroit Free Press Mt. Clemens has its schools back
September 18, 2002 NUVO Privatization’s swan song?
September 17, 20mber 17, 2002 Washington Post Private Enterprise, Public Woes in Phila. Schools
September 16, 2002 Reason Online Whittled Away: Don't blame Edison's failure on the market
September 16, 2002 Washington Post Private Enterprise, Public Woes in Philadelphia Schools
September 12, 2002 Flint (Michigan) Journal Flint: School board worried by fall in Edison stock prices
September 6, 2002 Reuters Edison Schools Asks Chairman to Repay $3 Million Loan
September 5, 2002 Reuters Edison cancels $125 mln Harlem headquarters project
September 5, 2002 Reuters Edison Schools Posts Wider 4th-Quarter Loss, Restates 2000, 2001 Figures
August 30, 2002 Slate Edison's Dim Bulbs
August 29, 2002 Wall Street Journal Edison Schools May Receive Delisting Notice From Nasdaq
August 27, 2002 Waco Tribune-Herald Young: Lights out for Edison
August 26, 2002 Wall Street Journal Dallas Ends School Contract With Edison Over Test Scores
August 23, 2002 New York Times State's Largest Charter School Faces a Critical Year
August 22, 2002 York Daily Record City schools to call on Casey
August 20, 2002 PR Newswire Casey Refers Edison Schools, Inc. Matter to Federal Investigators
August 15, 2002 Wall Street Journal Edison May Loss Contract in Dallas Due to District's Budget Constraints
August 13, 2002 Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Charter high school cancellation causes 11th-hour chaos
August 8, 2002 Tom Ridge's school daze
August 1, 2002 PR Newswire Pennsylvania Auditor General Casey: State Education Department isImpeding Review of No-Bid Edison Contract
July 29, 2002 Boston Globe A plan to privatize Philadelphia schools
July 26, 2002 Associated Press Philly Reduces Co.'s Role in Schools
July 16, 2002 The Macomb Daily Edison Schools claim equipment held hostage
July 16, 2002 New York Times Complex Calculations on Academics
July 9, 2002 San Francisco Chronicle For-profit schools get mixed grades
July 9, 2002 San Francisco Chronicle Balance sheet doesn't back up Edison's grand boasts
July 3, 2002 Las Vegas Sun Edison Schools makes deal to pay debt
July 3, 2002 Delco Times Edison wants more money from Chester Upland
July 3, 2002 York Daily Record Audit shows loss for charter school
June 27, 2002 Oakland Press Officials critical of warning from state's schools chief
June 27, 2002 Talking Points Memo Edison Schools
June 25, 2002 Detroit News Edison Schools shaky, state says
June 19, 2002 Wall Street Journal Dallas Schools Weigh Keeping Contract With Edison
June 18, 2002 Detroit Free Press Mt. Clemens, firm to dissolve contract
June 16, 2002 Boston Herald Charters leave their roots: Schools part ways with for-profits
June 14, 2002 Boston Globe Wall Street and education don't mix
June 9, 2002 San Francisco Chronicle For-profit Edison Still in the Red
June 4, 2002 Wall Street Journal Lenders Receive Warrants for 17% of Edison Schools, CEO Says
June 3, 2002 Wall Street Journal Edison Won't Get Contract to Manage 19 Philadelphia Schools
June 2, 2002 Lansing State Journal Lansing schools, charters coexist
June 2, 2002 New Haven Register ACES to take over Wintergreen
May 30, 2002 Flint Journal Edison problems put future in Flint into question
May 29, 2002 SF Bay Guardian Edison's epic collapse
May 29, 2002 San Jose Mercury News Police charge East P.A. man with lewd act
May 29, 2002 SF Bay Guardian Unchartered territory
May 27, 2002 TIME Trouble for Schools Inc.
May 26, 2002 New York Times Public Schooling for Profit
May 21, 2002 Dayton Daily News Charter school’s loan called illegal
May 20, 2002 New York Times Philadelphians Jittery Over Plan to Privatize 20 Schools
May 16, 2002 Las Vegas Review-Journal Edison misses payment of philanthropic funds
May 15, 2002 New York Times Operator of Public Schools in Settlement With S.E.C.
May 14, 2002 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Edison Schools Settles SEC Enforcement Action
May 14, 2002 Delco Times Edison earns failing grades in Chester
May 14, 2002 New York Times Woes for Company Running Schools
May 7, 2002 The Detroit News Inkster's children deserve better chance at education
May 7, 2002 San Francisco Examiner Edison: From frying pan to fire
May 6, 2002 New York Post Edison Schools Flunks
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April 10, 2002 Detroit News Inkster schools face state takeover
April 6, 2002 Kansas City Star Rape reported at Westport Edison Senior Academy
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March 27, 2002 New York Times Edison Gets a Share of Philadelphia Contracts
March 26, 2002 Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Statement by Ted Kirsch On the School Reform Commission's Choice of Csonsultants
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January 30, 2002 Topeka Capital-Journal Board Takes Back Edison-Run School
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January 4, 2002 Denver Post No easy remedy in Philly
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December 23, 2001 Topeka Capital-Journal Official at Edison School in Wichita Removed Over Testing Fraud Claims
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January, 2003 CERU Profiles of For-Profit Education Management Companies
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Edison Stock
Edison Co. stock was publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol "EDSN". Use these links to find out more about the company's financial dealings, what they told their stockholders, and what they disclosed to the SEC. Links to online stock bulletin boards can provide insight into what investors and potential investors are saying about Edison.

Annual Report to the SEC for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2001 (10-K)
The section entitled "Additional Risk Factors That May Affect Future Results" starts on page 38.
Proxy Statement to Shareholders (DEF-14A) dated October 26, 2000
This statement to shareholders contains much information not available within the 10K, including compensation of top executives, details of the loans the company made to Whittle, Schmidt, and other top executives, a $200,000 payment made to Global Lyceum (a cmpany controlled by Edison President Floyd Flake) and details of the employee stock option plan, including options for teachers.
Proxy Statement to Shareholders (DEF-14A) dated October 26, 2001
The most recent statement to shareholders
A complete list of all Edison's SEC filings available online
Yahoo Finance Edison Page
Latest stock price and transactions, links to lists of insiders and their trading activity, historical quotes (high, low, and closing price for dates in the past), and their message board, where investors and others trade opinions and share information
Yahoo Finance Edison Message Board
Direct link to the Yahoo Message Board
Interesting posts from the above board
Lycos Raging Bull Edison Page
Similar page operated by Lycos, including their message board

Background on Edison Schools
School District of Philadelphia Communications
EDGAR Online links to Edison's SEC filings

Shareholder Lawsuits Filed Against Edison Since May 1, 2002

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