San Francisco Schools Outscore Most Among 10 Largest California Districts

San Francisco Unified School District students post the top high school math scores among California's 10 largest school districts (based on enrollment), and the second- or third-highest scores in all categories, based on spring 2001 testing.

San Juan Unified School District, encompassing middle-class suburbs outside Sacramento, was the top-scoring among the 10 districts in all categories except high school math, where San Francisco outperformed it. San Juan Unified had by far the most socioeconomically privileged student population among the 10 largest districts - only 19 percent economically disadvantaged. The district is 75 percent white.

Among the 10 school districts, San Francisco Unified ranked second, behind San Juan Unified, in elementary reading and math and middle school math.

San Francisco ranked third in middle school reading behind San Juan Unified and San Diego City Unified, and third in high school reading behind San Juan Unified and San Diego City Unified.

PASA provides this information as useful background for the media. Researchers working with the state's 10 largest school districts averaged 2001 STAR test scores by grade level, resulting in six categories: elementary school reading and math, middle school reading and math, and high school reading and math.

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