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Page last updated Monday November 02, 2009

Hot off the Presses (PASA Releases)
February 5, 2004 Junk Food off the Menu at San Francisco Schools
October 14, 2003 Snack-Industry Shills Fight Efforts To Improve School Food
October 10, 2003 San Francisco schools set new healthy food standards
September 17, 2003 Fake health groups funded by the junk food industry
July 13, 2003 Junk foods out, Profits in at San Francisco Middle School
May 12, 2003 Industry claims kids don't drink much soda
May 5, 2003 One school's success: Why soda can be banned
May 5, 2003 School groups' ties to soda industry
April 30, 2003 When Fundraising Threatens Kids' Health
March 26, 2003 Quick Guide to Getting Rid of Junk Food At Your Child's School
March 8, 2003 School Districts Defy Soda-Sales Ban
March 5, 2003 Junk-food Industry Fights School Food Standards

Government Reports on School Nutrition
May 2003 U.S. General Accounting Office SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM: Efforts Needed to Improve Nutrition and Encourage Healthy Eating
May 2003 U.S. General Accounting Office SCHOOL MEAL PROGRAMS: Revenue and Expense Information from Selected States

Nutrition in the News
November 21, 2008San Diego Union Tribune Breakfast at desk called a success
November 21, 2008Great Falls Tribune 'Breakfast in the Classroom' gets kids off to a good start
October 22, 2008Philadelphia Inquirer USDA to kill Phila. school lunch program
October 19, 2008Denver Post Childhood obesity spurs changes
June 26, 2008Berkeley Daily Planet Jefferson Kitchen Plans Scrapped, for Now
June 22, 2008LA Times L.A. Unified's new top chef trying to put the 'wow' in school lunches
June 9, 2008MSNBC High food costs hit school lunch trays
June 6, 2008Daily Telegraph School bans Red Bull after bad behaviour rise
June 5, 2008Salt Lake Tribune Utah schools lead nation in junk food availability
June 2, 2008Miami Herald School lunches suffer under price pressure
May 21, 2008Washington Post Slimming Down Schools
May 19, 2008Washington Post At High School, Pit Stops Add 21,000 Calories in Two Hours
May 19, 2008Hartford Courant Carbonated Fruit A Hit In School
May 18, 2008Dallas Morning News Dallas-area schools pinching pennies as gas, food costs rise
May 5, 2008CNN School kids feel the bite of high food prices
May 1, 2008USA Today Beef recall spotlights real cost of cheap school lunches
April 28, 2008Grist Why Michael Pollan and Alice Waters should quit celebrating food-price hikes
April 21, 2008Baltimore Sun Farmers can't sell to state's schools
April 14, 2008Washington Post Schools Get A Lesson in Lunch Line Economics
February 22, 2008LA Times Meat is a mystery to schools
December 31, 2007Chicago Tribune Putting heat on school menus
December 12, 2007San Antonio Express-News School food healthier but junk's still there
December 9, 2007Orlando Sentinel Junk food's influence deep in our schools
December 8, 2007 Charleston Post and Courier School gets tough on unpaid meals; kids left in tears
December 7, 2007Science DailyKids Eat More Fruits, Vegetables When Schools Offer Salad Bar
December 6, 2007Orlando SentinelSeminole students get McDonald's bonus on report cards
December 5, 2007 Grist The school-lunch dog fight
December 2, 2007 NY Times Effort to Limit Junk Food in Schools Faces Hurdles
November 29, 2007 Beyond Chron Prop H Committee Should Support Student’s Nutritional Needs
November 28, 2007 SF Bay Guardian Feed our students well
October 19, 2007 Sun Post Cooks defend health of student meals
October 15, 2007 Seattle Post Intelligencer Many barriers keep organic food out of school lunches
October 11, 2007 Beyond Chron School Beat: A Tale of Two Cities--Why School Food is Better in Berkeley
October 9, 2007 Education Week Congress Gets Involved in School Beverage Debate
October 6, 2007 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Farm fresh, but at school
September 28, 2007 KCBS Junk Food Still in Bay Area Schools, Despite Legislation
September 28, 2007 Philadelphia Inquirer District's Aramark deal questioned
September 27, 2007 Grist Magazine Cookin' It Old School
September 20, 2007 BeyondChron Salad Days
September 6, 2007 BeyondChron School Beat: The Populist, Radical School Food Revolution
September 5, 2007 KCBS Salad Bars Open In 15 SF Public School Cafeterias
September 5, 2007 Philadelphia Inquirer District not happy with Aramark
September 3, 2007 USA Today Ark. schools contend with costs of unpaid lunches
September 3, 2007 SF Examiner S.F.’s schools reach their salad days
August 20, 2007 Associated Press Students pay for lunches with the swipe of a finger
August 10, 2007 Boston Globe Study: Obese kids are absent more
July 15, 2007 Sacramento Bee Farm bill should focus on healthful foods
July 11, 2007 Arizona Republic Horne backs closed campuses
July 4, 2007 LA Daily News Kids rarely apply nutrition lessons
July 3, 2007 California School Boards Association Cafeteria Plans
June 17, 2007 Deseret News Growing girth: Childhood obesity is becoming a serious problem in Utah
May 14, 2007 LA Times Offered healthy food by servers, school kids take the bait
May 10, 2007 SF Chronicle Rethinking school lunch
May 1, 2007 Washington Post School Lunches Depend on Faux-Junk Food
April 29, 2007 LA Times The new school food -- fewer chips, more carrots?
April 9, 2007 Nashua Telegraph FOOD THOUGHT: Healthy eating at heart of school’s curriculum
March 26, 2007 Stockton Record School cateferia choices more unhealthy than nutritious
March 21, 2007 Business Gazette School menus compete with fast food
March 6, 2007 WebMD Medical News Support Grows for Restrictions on Sale of Junk Food to Students
February 9, 2007 Daily Herald State school board targets junk food
February 7, 2007 Herald Salad instead of sugar
February 5, 2007 CNN Arkansas may drop trend-setting obesity report cards
January 31, 2007 The Hill Junk food sold in schools
January 31, 2007 Tennessean Schools, stand firm against junk
January 31, 2007 Tennessean Some progress, but we must push ahead on school wellness
January 31, 2007 Daily News Tribune Well-targeted message on obesity
January 30, 2007 Washingon Post Reviewing the School Cupcake Ban
January 8, 2007 SF Examiner Nutritional guidelines icing out bake sales
October 13, 2006 California Connected The Lunch Lady
October 13, 2006 California Connected Extended Scenes: The Lunch Lady
October 10, 2006 Chicago Sun Times Junk food ban OKd for elementary, middle schools
October 7, 2006 Denver Post School snacks to slim down
October 7, 2006 NY Times No More Mystery Meat
September 27, 2006 LA Times Sorry, Cupcake, You're Not Welcome in Class
September 23, 2006 WTNH Deadline approaches for schools to decide on junk food ban
September 23, 2006 Lawrence Journal World War of nutrition
September 20, 2006 Bountiful Junior High Replaces Junk Food in Vending Machines
September 20, 2006 Pittsburgh Tribune Review More school districts like water instead of chocolate
September 15, 2006 Union Bulletin Local schools take aim at fat, sugar and salt
September 14, 2006 Junk food banned from high schools
September 13, 2006 Sacramento Bee Despite obesity, candy goes back to school
September 11, 2006 The Times Junk food gets junked
September 11, 2006 NWI Times Hold the nachos
September 9, 2006 Pioneer Press 'Healthy' is put to the test
September 9, 2006 San Diego Union-Tribune Del Mar to start new school lunch program
August 27, 2006 Tri Valley Herald Can you spell S-O-Y? The lunch lady can
August 26, 2006 St. Louis Post Dispatch Lunch gets ‘Smart’
August 23, 2006 Daily Progress Schools try to provide more nutritious meals
August 22, 2006 Georgetown News-Graphic Food for thought
August 20, 2006 Amherst Times THE SCHOOL-LUNCH TEST
August 20, 2006 Salt Lake Tribune Making nutrition come to fruition is a tough mission
August 18, 2006 Asheville Citizen-Times What happened to the fries?: School menus get healthier as kids get bigger
August 13, 2006 The Tennessean Lunch trays getting a little lighter
May 2006 National Center for Education Statistics Calories In, Calories Out: Food and Exercise in Public Elementary Schools, 2005
May 2, 2006 Christian Science Monitor Overweight kids: Schools take action
April 17, 2006 Baltimore Sun New effort seeks to put lid on junk food in the schools
April 14, 2006 Chicago Tribune Pint-sized pushers
April 13, 2006 Philadelphia Inquirer Make school a lesson in good nutrition
April 11, 2006 Register-Guard Junk-food-free zones: Schools shouldn't promote unhealthful diet
April 6, 2006 NY Times Bill Strikes at Low-Nutrition Foods in School
March 23, 2006 KGO Schools focus on healthy food options
March 10, 2006 San Jose Mercury News District may go for junk-food jugular
Education Next What’s for Lunch?
Education Next The School Lunch Lobby
February 6, 2006 NY Times In New York Schools, Whole Milk Is Cast From the Menu
January 25, 2006 Arizona Sun High school junk food ban OK'd
January 20, 2006 Asbury Park Press School-lunch magic act
December 29, 2005 Arizona Republic Junk-food fight on for schools
December 5, 2005 San Jose Mercury News Study links bake sales, weight problems
November 29, 2005 Chicago Sun Times Blagojevich flunks junk food
November 28, 2005 Quad City Times Junking junk food: QC schools look for healthier alternatives
November 9, 2005 Smoky Mountain News School systems work on changing the mentality of food intake
November 9, 2005 Monterey Herald Healthy snacks kids will swallow
November 2, 2005 Albuquerque Tribune `No-sugar' schools to guide APS
October 30, 2005 Washington Post At Many Elementary Schools, the Party's Over
October 29, 2005 SF Chronicle House Panel OKs School Lunch Funding Cut
October 26, 2005 News Tribune Low-fat pizza: It’s what’s for lunch
October 22, 2005 Daily Telegram Are your kids eating right?
October 19, 2005 Yale Daily News Schools limit junk food
October 19, 2005 Newton Tab Big Grocery fights junk food bill
October 17, 2005 Argus Leader Gym is in, sugary treats out in guidelines for schools
October 16, 2005 Sacramento Bee New school food laws may starve budgets
October 14, 2005 Allston-Brighton Tab Expel junk food from the public schools
October 13, 2005 Beyond Chron Mythbusters
October 12, 2005 Naples Sun Times Nutritional pyramid for kids, a mild remedy?
October 2, 2005 Baltimore Sun More healthful foods at school
October 2, 2005 Miami Herald Cafeteria menus adapt to student demands
September 30, 2005 Baltimore Sun Schools limit junk-food sales
September 29, 2005 SF Examiner Keeping it real at the vending machine
September 29, 2005 San Jose Mercury News S.F. school gives students a healthy breakfast option
September 28, 2005 BBC Junk food to be banned in schools
September 26, 2005 Miami Herald Students not eating free breakfasts
September 26, 2005 Salt Lake Tribune New school breakfasts may boost Utah's low participation
September 25, 2005 NY Times What? No Fries and Pepsi?
September 24, 2005 Washington Post Arlington Banishes Sodas, Some Snacks
September 17, 2005 Sacramento Bee School lunches touted in fat fight
September 17, 2005 SF Chronicle Food industry's appetite for change to bill means schools can serve canned produce rather than fresh
September 16, 2005 Sacramento Bee Junk food junked
September 15, 2005 Sacramento Bee Junk food laws take aim at child obesity
September 14, 2005 Robertson County Times State limits school junk food
September 13, 2005 Detroit News Take sugar out of school vending machines
September 12, 2005 Detroit News Metro area schools cut junk food to fight obesity
September 10, 2005 Dallas Morning News C-FB ISD students grab a byte at Virtual Cafeteria
September 9, 2005 NY Times Harlem School Introduces Children to Swiss Chard
September 9, 2005 Salt Lake Tribune Blood sugar money: Too many schools make a deal with the devil
September 9, 2005 Santa Maria Times Take the junk out of schools
September 8, 2005 North County Times Schools junk food ban a good first step
September 8, 2005 Akron Beacon Journal Junk food more available in middle schools
September 8, 2005 Washington Examiner You want fries with your education?
September 7, 2005 LA Times School Soda, Junk Food Bans Approved
September 3, 2005 North Coast Times State passes bills banning soda, junk food on campuses
August 23, 2005 Seattle Times School lunch money travels cyber route
August 15, 2005 KVOA Horne proposes specific junk food ban
August 15, 2005 Green Bay Press Gazette Ashwaubenon digs in to improve school lunch
August 11, 2005 KVOA Sunnyside Schools make healthy menu changes
August 11, 2005 WNDU Schools make move toward healthier foods
August 11, 2005 Arizona Republic Gilbert high schools end sale of junk food
August 9, 2005 Arkansas News Bureau Education Board approves tougher nutrition, activity guidelines
August 9, 2005 San Mateo County Times Schools get caught between cash, calories
August 2005 SF Magazine What's for Lunch?
July 11, 2005 Pasadena Star News Support war on junk food
July 10, 2005 Peninsula Daily News Junk food to be strictly regulated at Peninsula schools
July 10, 2005 LA Times Farm Collectives Cultivate Ties to School Lunch Plans
July 4, 2005 NY Times Girth of a Nation
July 4, 2005 Huntsville Times There's no case for keeping junk foods in state schools
June 30, 2005 The Oregonian Schools in Clark County are setting nutrition guidelines
June 29, 2005 Deseret News Vending fare going healthful
June 25, 2005 Montgomery Advertiser School chief sour on sugar
June 23, 2005 Missourian Junk food in jeopardy at Columbia’s schools
June 23, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer N.J.'s grown-up stand on junk food in schools
June 23, 2005 Casper Star Tribune Cheyenne gets rid of unhealthy food and drink in schools
June 22, 2005 Seattle Times Students unhappy with junk-food crackdown
June 19, 2005 NY Times Taking Candy From Children Isn't So Easy After All
June 17, 2005 Randolph Reporder No more fries and junk food for kids
June 17, 2005 Windsor-Hights Herald Diet plan puts substance into school lunch
June 17, 2005 Anchorage Daily News Mat-Su junks the soda, offers healthful choices
June 16, 2005 Scripps Howard News Service USDA angers parents by refusing to ban junk food in schools
June 16, 2005 KDKA School Board Mulls Junk Food Ban
June 16, 2005 Connecticut Post An opportunity lost to limit junk foods
June 15, 2005 Daily Journal Schools eliminate treats for healthier student body
June 15, 2005 NY Times Rell Vetoes Junk-Food Limit in Connecticut's Public Schools
June 10, 2005 Hartselle Enquirer Children and junk food
June 8, 2005 News-Record New nutrition policy announced by Codey
June 7, 2005 Dallas Morning News Junk food at school reigns
June 7, 2005 NY Times School Policy in New Jersey to Take Junk Off Lunch Tray
June 6, 2005 KOMOtv Can Pizza Be Part Of A Balanced School Lunch Diet?
June 6, 2005 SF Chronicle Breakfast in the classroom
June 6, 2005 Junk food faces expulsion at N.J. schools
June 6, 2005 King County Journal Parents take junk food fight to school
June 6, 2005 Patriot-News A healthy serving of scrutiny
June 3, 2005 CNN From pizza to pita
June 1, 2005 Education News TEENS WANT TO EAT BETTER AND GET FIT
May 31, 2005 Delmarva Daily Times School nutrition standards cut fat, sugar from diets
May 31, 2005 Sun Sentinel Nurses say some students fill up on junk
May 29, 2005 Anchorage Daily News District mulls pulling plug on junk food
May 29, 2005 The Olympian Schools key setting for creating healthy kids
May 28, 2005 Biloxi Sun Herald Schools could ban junk food
May 25, 2005 US Newswire Gov. Schwarzenegger Sells Junk Food in Political Ads for Corporate Donors; Consumer Group Calls for Ads' Removal, Gov. to Re-Pay State
May 25, 2005 Free Lance-Star Stafford schools opt for healthier snacks
May 17, 2005 Seattle Times Seattle tries to restrict vending near schools
May 16, 2005 NY Times Connecticut Considers Putting a Healthier Menu in Its Schools
May 10, 2005 Orlando Sentinel Schools seek tough food-cash balance
May 8, 2005 NY Daily News Lunchroom revolution
May 8, 2005 The Oregonian Sugar High
May 8, 2005 Los Angeles Daily News Vending machines still bad for kids?
May 8, 2005 The Olympian Schools peruse healthy snacks
May 7, 2005 Los Angeles Daily News District soda ban has fans
May 2, 2005 SF Examiner S.F. school surveys students about breakfast
April 27, 2005 AMonline Arizona Bans "Junk" Food in Elementary, Middle and Junior High Schools
April 27, 2005 Arizona Republic Napolitano signs ban on sales of junk food
April 18, 2005 Muskogee Phoenix Educators hail junk food ban
April 18, 2005 Sacramento Bee Battle of the bulk
April 17, 2005 San Diego Union Tribune Bad eating habits can lead to obesity
April 16, 2005 Sacramento Bee In good taste
April 12, 2005 Bangor Daily News Tackling obesity - if not in our schools, where?
April 12, 2005 Joplin Globe Some districts junking junk food at school
April 11, 2005 Stamford Advocate Low marks for school lunch: Many call for healthier options
April 10, 2005 New York Times When a Food Marketer Helps Devise Nutrition Advice
April 10, 2005 Portsmouth Herald Policies take the fat out of schools
April 10, 2005 Cincinnati Enquirer Kids still rewarded with food
April 7, 2005 Pioneer Press School lunches healthier
April 7, 2005 SF Chronicle In Berkeley, fine dining starts early
Pilot program serves gourmet breakfasts in elementary school
April 7, 2005 Newsday Fight for healthy food
April 6, 2005 Arizona Republic School feeds needy kids on weekends
April 6, 2005 Santa Cruz Sentinel Forums seek ways to put health foods in schools
April 5, 2005 Signal Online Georgia overhauls obesity
April 5, 2005 Record Herald School program aims to cut obesity rates among youngsters
April 5, 2005 Washington Post Md. School Cafeterias In a Bind Over Junk Food
April 4, 2005 Morning Sentinel 'Mixed Nuts' push healthful choices
April 2005 The Obesity Crisis
March 30, 2005 Boston Globe What's for lunch? French food
March 28, 2005 Center for Disease Control Making it Happen
March 27, 2005 Salem Statesman-Journal Sugar-coating the ABCs is making students fat
March 27, 2005 Oakland Press Experts say childhood obesity not a disease - it's an epidemic
March 26, 2005 LA Times School Cafeteria Food Fight
March 25, 2005 Denver Post Stricter standards for snacks
March 21, 2005 Reno Gazette-Journal Schools pleased with healthier food
March 20, 2005 Whittier Daily News Make school fare healthy
March 13, 2005 San Jose Mercury News Lawmaker takes aim at junk food in high schools
March 7, 2005 KPIX The battle to ban junk food from California schools [video]
March 10, 2005 Union-Tribune Student nutrition on menu at summit
March 10, 2005 Providence Journal Schools hope exercise, breakfast rev up children in the classroom
March 9, 2005 Des Moines Register 'Junk' ban likely for vending machines at D.M. schools
March 8, 2005 San Jose Mercury News Governor's Support Helps Effort to End Childhood Obesity
March 8, 2005 Long Beach Press Telegram War on junk food
March 8, 2005 Santa Maria Times Better food for children
March 7, 2005 Press-Enterprise School choice: Healthful menu or band money?
March 7, 2005 eDiets Junk Food & Schools: A Hero in the War on Obesity
March 7, 2005 LA Times At His Fitness Fair, Gov. Pushes for Fitter Fare
March 6, 2005 Boston Globe Junking the calories
March 6, 2005 CNN Florida schools testing healthier menus
March 4, 2005 News-Leader Money talks when it comes to having unhealthy food in schools
March 3, 2005 Louisville Courier-Journal Legislators' food fight
March 3, 2005 News-Press Vending machines help kids, schools
March 2, 2005 Baltimore Sun Making the grade
March 2, 2005 Northern Star Illinois demands schools serve breakfast
February 28, 2005 EducationNews Food for Thought?
February 28, 2005 News Tribune Schools must teach fitness and nutrition, experts say
February 28, 2005 Denver Post Attack on snacks: Pupils get lessons on nutrition
February 23, 2005 Minneapolis Star Tribune Cross-culture school food makes world of difference
February 23, 2005 Baltimore Sun Guidelines target snacks at school
February 23, 2005 Boston Globe Making lunch better is elementary in Bedford
February 22, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer Snacks slim down in Phila. schools
February 22, 2005 Brockton Enterprise Schools encourage healthy food choices
February 18, 2005 Madison Courier Offer healthy food in our schools
February 18, 2005 Louisville Courier-Journal Healthier children
February 18, 2005 Contra Costa Times Parents urge better school food
February 18, 2005 Cincinnati Enquirer Schools tied to junk foods
February, 2005 Edutopia Doritos, Dumped
February 11, 2005 Columbia Daily Tribune Grant provides food for thought at school
February 11, 2005 Kentucky New Era Making new and healthy CHOICES
February 7, 2005 Leavenworth Times Board discusses pulling junk food from schools
February 7, 2005 Arizona Republic Counting calories - and brain cells
February 7, 2005 East Valley Tribune Parents can listen, but they’re still the grown-ups
February 6, 2005 Cincinnati Enquirer A better menu for Kentucky students
February 6, 2005 Bowling Green Daily News Senate should pass bill barring school junk food
February 5, 2005 Huston Chronicle School breakfast program halted
February 2, 2005 Durham Observer Durham pays price for free lunch
February 2, 2005 Yuma Sun Eat, drink and be healthier
February 2, 2005 Tucson Citizen TUSD high schools cut fat for healthier kids
February 1, 2005 Arizona Republic Schools get by without junk food
January 31, 2005 St Louis Post-Dispatch Campaign sweetens the appeal of milk on school menus
January 31, 2005 Troy Record Schools need to start trashing the junk food
January 27, 2005 KHOU Forth Worth school offers Smoothies on campus
January 29, 2005 WATE Board of Ed. tentatively approves proposal for junk food ban
January 27, 2005 Cincinnati Enquirer A new tool in school lunch wars
January 26, 2005 Times-Herald Record Bill expands public review of school food contracts
January 25, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times School lunches to get pricier
January 25, 2005 Arizona Republic Parents have power to make healthful changes at schools
January 25, 2005 KOB-TV ABQ mid school replaces chips with fruit, soda with juice
January 23, 2005 Columbus Telegram Students could have healthier vending machine choices
January 22, 2005 Baltimore Sun Md. school board ready to order better nutrition for lunchrooms
January 21, 2005 San Mateo Daily Journal Schools target obesity
January 20, 2005 Somerville Journal Making food in school that is 'mad good'
January 20, 2005 Anacortes American Grant funds healthy snacks at Island View
January 18, 2005 SF Chronicle Banning junk food
January 15, 2005 Wilmington News Journal Schools may soon serve up health
January 15, 2005 Express Times Offensive launched in fat fight
January 14, 2005 San Jose Mercury News U.S. should take a run at schools' lunches now
January 13, 2005 Eureka Reporter Eureka City Schools' new kitchen can go way beyond the call of duty
January 9, 2005 Skagit Valley Herald Federal grant funds healthy-choices study in MV
January 8, 2005 Fort Pierce Tribune Lawmakers critical of candy sales
January 7, 2005 Seattle Times Serving up some smiles
January 6, 2005 MSNBC Generation XL
January 5, 2005 Bucks County Courier Times Schools get good response from healthy alternatives
January 5, 2005 Bucks County Courier Times Pa. takes active role
January 3, 2005 Winston Salem Journal New Hanover schools to end fried foods, serve healthier lunches
January 3, 2005 Daytona Beach Journal Officials, students, parents debate school vending machines
January 2, 2005 Bucks County Courier Times Overweight kids a growing problem
January 2, 2005 Penn School district shows early success in fighting childhood obesity
January 2, 2005 Boston Globe At this school, it's eat and greet
January 1, 2005 LA Daily News Educators should put health first
December 29, 2004 Washington Times Out: Oreos and Coke In: granola and water
December 27, 2004 Chicago Tribune `Grab-and-go' cart gets kids eating
December 26, 2004 The Oregonian Schools dispel their visions of sugarplums
December 24, 2004 Seattle Times Schools pulling their punch
December 21, 2004 Boca Raton News Schools cutting white bread
December 20, 2004 Wichita Eagle Schools part of solution
December 19, 2004 Stamford Advocate Norwalk schools look to cut down on obesity
December 19, 2004 Sun Sentinel Schools' daily bread is wheat
December 18, 2004 Rocky Mountain News Targeting fat, sugar in schools
December 18, 2004 Portsmouth Herald News Bottles a hit for milk in schools
December 16, 2004 Rocky Mountain News Steps to expel obesity
December 16, 2004 Junk food on the way out of Redmond schools
December 12, 2004 Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Harkin works to improve children's eating and exercise habits
December 12, 2004 Daily Herald Nebo passes junk food policy for school vending
December 12, 2004 NY Daily News Taste & nutrition on district menu
December 12, 2004 Fair Lawn News Warren Point's Creative and Award Winning Program
December 9, 2004 Des Moines Register Valley band marches to beat of fruit, cheese orders
December 8, 2004 Santa Monica Mirror No Junk Food at the Vikes at Samohi
December 8, 2004 Lodi News-Sentinel O'Connell weighs in on childhood obesity
December 8, 2004 Salem Statesman Journal Healthy children, healthy futures
December 6, 2004 Lompoc Record Thirty-six percent of students are overweight
December 6, 2004 Salem Statesman-Journal School cafeterias offer more nutritious choices
December 3, 2004 San Jose Mercury News Rich foods a big threat to poor kids
December 3, 2004 Napa News A visit to the supermarket teaches kids what's healthy
December 2, 2004 Detroit News Schools put healthy foods on the menu
December 1, 2004 Nova Scotia to join ban on junk food in schools
November 27, 2004 Daily News No junk food means fewer student funds at high school
November 27, 2004 Virginia Gazette Needy missing out on lunch subsidy
November 26, 2004 Daily Press Supersized kids
November 24, 2004 Beyond Chron School Beat II
November 18, 2004 Edweek Responding to Childhood Obesity Through School Policy
November 17, 2004 Beyond Chron School Beat
November 16, 2004 Arizona Daily Sun School snacks under scrutiny
November 16, 2004 Des Moines Register School snacks under attack
November 15, 2004 Stamford Advocate School board to consider healthy ideas
November 15, 2004 Jersey Journal Heathy eating wins student attention with vivid display of junk food's risks
November 14, 2004 Cincinnati Enquirer A recipe for disaster: kids, fat, sugar and salt
November 13, 2004 Daily News Calories & Cafeterias: Area schools offer slimmer lunches
November 12, 2004 Foster's Online Vending machine junk food to disappear from two Kittery schools
November 6, 2004 Asbury Park Press Jersey's new focus: Help kids eat better
November 6, 2004 Free Lance-Star Junkout?
November 4, 2004 LA Times If You Build It, Children Will Come to the Salad Bar
November 3, 2004 Pacifica Tribune Oceana closed-campus and cafeteria debate continues
November 1, 2004 Philadelphia Inquirer Schools trim the fat from their lunch menus
October 29, 2004 Business Week From Fat Nation to Fit Nation
October 24, 2004 Boston Globe Eat your veggies,win a bicycle
October 24, 2004 South Bend Tribune Michigan alert to child obesity issue
October 22, 2004 Midland Mirror Move to ban junk food from schools praised by nutrition experts
October 20, 2004 National Post Province unveils school junk food ban
October 20, 2004 Casper Star Tribune Overfed and undernourished
October 20, 2004 Lancaster New Era Crunching to their good health
October 19, 2004 Leader Times School promotes healthy eating in pilot program
October 15, 2004 Clovis Independent Miramonte students get a fun-filled lesson on healthful eating, choosing good over bad
October 15, 2004 The Argus Berkeley schools fight against junk food options
October 12, 2004 NBC2 Healthy foods debut in school vending machines
October 12, 2004 SF Chronicle School district lunch chief lauded for slow switch to healthy choices
October 8, 2004 Rockingham News School bans junk food sales
October 8, 2004 Salt Lake Tribune Do healthy snacks stand a chance?
October 8, 2004 Christian Science Monitor French schools' new bête noire: vending machines
October 7, 2004 Corvallis Gazette Middle schools cut soda, candy
October 6, 2004 Jackson Citizen Patriot District boosts push for healthier food choices
October 5, 2004 Jersey Journal It's time to expel junk foods
October 5, 2004 North Carolina State Technician A shrinking budget due to a bulging waistline
October 3, 2004 Fitchburg Sentinel Schools fighting battle of bulge
September 30, 2004 Washington Times School vending machines shed colas, candy bars
September 30, 2004 Washington Post An Unprecedented Fight Against Childhood Obesity
September 30, 2004 North Brunswick Sentinel Gov.’s plan promotes healthful diet at school
September 30, 2004 Cincinnati Enquirer Region getting serious about child obesity
September 30, 2004 Business Week A Food Fight Over Obesity in Kids
September 29, 2004 State News Sen. crusades against junk food
September 28, 2004 Marin Independent-Journal Teens want healthier food
September 28, 2004 Herald Times TR youth buying healthy options
September 27, 2004 AScribe Strange Bedfellows Sell Out Schoolchildren's Health
September 27, 2004 Detroit News Junk food out at Fowlerville High
September 27, 2004 SF Examiner Schools' diet struggle
September 27, 2004 American Cancer Society A Small Success for a Weighty Problem
September 24, 2004 NBC Obese Children Shrink School Budgets
September 21, 2004 News-Leader Teachers don't teach junk; students shouldn't eat junk food
September 13, 2004 CNN No more mystery meat
September 9, 2004 WTNH Obesity and better nutrition in schools
September 9, 2004 Columbus This Week CPS starts pilot nutrition program at East High
September 8, 2004 Chicago Sun-Times Healthy treats the new hot stuff on school menus
September 7, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer A healthy learning diet
September 6, 2004 Times Record News Fight for the right to party
September 5, 2004 Bowling Green Daily News Reward our students with healthy foods
September 4, 2004 Pioneer Press Healthy food makes the cut
September 3, 2004 Seattle Times Before deciding about food, Seattle School Board buys its own
September 3, 2004 Boston Globe This free lunch a little hard to swallow
September 3, 2004 Concord Monitor Goodbye, chips
September 2, 2004 Daily Tar Heel City schools to stop sales of soda
September 2, 2004 Glendale News Press Food for thought
September 1, 2004 Herald Mail School lunch put on a diet
September 1, 2004 Manchester Union Leader City school lunches 'baked with love'
September 1, 2004 How to Make a Difference at Your Child's School
August 31, 2004 SF Examiner New year, new food
August 31, 2004 Miami Herald Principles vs. profits
August 31, 2004 Manchester Union leader Deep-fried gets deep-sixed at Manchester's schools this year
August 30, 2004 WHDH What's New At School: Fresher Fare
August 27, 2004 WLS Charter school fights obesity with fitness, nutrition education
August 26, 2004 Dallas Morning News Bending the food rules? Fat chance
August 25, 2004 Palm Beach Post Doughnuts-for-A's weighs heavily on school board
August 23, 2004 South Florida Sun Sentinel Promising Plan To Trim Obesity
August 23, 2004 Baltimore Sun Elementary school lunches in Balto. County get low mark
August 23, 2004 Lorain Morning Journal School cafeterias try to tip scales in favor of healthy food
August 18, 2004 Bangor Daily News Low Bull Diet part III: fat is all our faults
August 17, 2004 Seattle Post Intelligencer Utah aims to track vending machine sales
August 16, 2004 Sun Sentinel Schools get food for thought
August 14, 2004 LA Daily News Students see farmers market flourish
August 13, 2004 El Paso Times Program offers area students healthy options
August 13, 2004 Times Record Students likely to find healthier food in schools this fall
August 13, 2004 Arizona Republic Students get healthier menu
August 11, 2004 Tucson Citizen Meals more nutritious, but will kids buy into them?
August 10, 2004 Portsmouth Herald Pay up, kids: School-lunch prices on the rise
August 10, 2004 Bangor Daily News Give kids chance at better health
August 10, 2004 The Ledger 8 Ariz. Schools Drop Junk Food From Menus
August 8, 2004 Arizona Daily Star Some area schools dump junk food
August 8, 2004 CNN Vending machines getting healthier
August 3, 2004 Mobile Register Fighting the fat
August 2, 2004 London Free Press France bans junk food in schools
August 1, 2004 Orlando Sentinel Schools squeeze fat, sugar out of cafeterias
August 1, 2004 St Petersburg Times Healthy is where your textbooks are
August 1, 2004 Palm Beach Post Schools sub junk foods with healthier fare
July 30, 2004 Houston Chronicle Students returning to healthier menus
July 29, 2004 District Administration No Child Left On Their Behind
July 29, 2004 Richmond Times-Dispatch Schools resist low-carb trend but explore options
July 23, 2004 Harvard Hillside School chef says lunch program is thriving
July 22, 2004 Washington Post D.C. Schools to Offer Better Vending Choices
July 22, 2004 Chicago Sun Times Flagging nutrition
July 22, 2004 Boca Raton News Healthy times at Boca High
July 19, 2004 BYU News School district moves to enforce vending ban
July 19, 2004 Deseret News Wasatch District sours on junk food
July 13, 2004 Palo Alto Weekly Is this what your child's eating?
July 11, 2004 Monterey Herald Kids' summer camps cleaning up menus
July 11, 2004 Longview News Journal New guidelines mean higher meal costs at some schools
July 8, 2004 Deseret News Schools are urged to limit junk food
July 7, 2004 Daily Local Downingtown considers lunch program
July 6, 2004 Columbia Daily Tribune Group sour on schools' response to food
July 6, 2004 Westerly Sun Youngster Cuts Out Junk Food, Exercises, Sheds 100 Pounds
July 5, 2004 Daily Press Fit and trim
July 4, 2004 Cincinnati Enquirer School meals under scrutiny
July 2, 2004 SF Chronicle Academic credit for lunch with program combining cooking, organic gardening
June 30, 2004 Agricultural Research Service Snack Bar Temptation's Too Great for Middle Schoolers
June 29, 2004 Naples News Lee County hoping to make schools junk food free
June 25, 2004 Natick Tab What's in that vending machine?
June 25, 2004 CNN School lunch bill handed to Bush
June 25, 2004 Pioneer Press Lunch lowdown to hit Web
June 24, 2004 Herald Sun Schools plan to promote healthier fare
June 24, 2004 Sacramento Bee Rising costs push local schools to hike lunch prices
June 20, 2004 Star Tribune Buying teachers/Lawmakers must fund K-12
June 18, 2004 SF Chronicle S.F. parents, teachers lead the way in helping kids battle obesity
June 11, 2004 Daily Journal Students call for healthy food
June 10, 2004 Arkansas News Bureau Cokes, canoes and politics
June 9, 2004 WIS Greenville Co. schools to replace junk food with healthier alternatives
June 9, 2004 Baxter Bulletin State tries to deal with a weighty issue
June 8, 2004 Manchester Union Leader Federal officials take obesity on the road
June 8, 2004 Hartford Courant Before- and after-school clubs make it fun to fight against fat
June 7, 2004 The Progress Report Should Schools Be Required to Serve Nutritious Food?
June 6, 2004 Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette Uncle Sam has weighty interest in fighting obesity
June 5, 2004 Chicago Sun Times Schools sneak soy products into lunches
June 4, 2004 Richmond Times Dispatch Obesity in schools targeted
June 4, 2004 LA Daily News District expels junk food
June 4, 2004 San Jose Mercury News Schools urged to sell nutritious snacks
June 4, 2004 Daily Press Conference tackles schools' role in childhood obesity
June 4, 2004 Boston Globe In obesity fight, school bans birthday cupcakes
June 3, 2004 Roslindale Transcript Schools serving health
June 3, 2004 Palo Alto Online School board to discuss nutrition policy
June 2, 2004 NY Times Taking Candy From Pupils? School Vending Bill Says Yes
June 1, 2004 Chicago Daily Herald Fund-raisers at schools too fat-filled, some say
May 31, 2004 New Statesman How to cut obesity
May 30, 2004 Greensboro News-Record Offer better food, state urges schools
May 30, 2004 The Columbian Sweet profits, weighty choices
May 30, 2004 The Columbian In Our View: Nutrition Ignored
May 30, 2004 The Columbian Health officials alarmed at what students eat, drink
May 28, 2004 Pasadena Star News Schools phasing out junk snacks
May 28, 2004 The Capital Times Fighting fat foods with 'Super Size'
May 27, 2004 LA Times Ventura Campus Turns a New Leaf
May 27, 2004 South Manchester Reporter Clamp-down on school junk food
May 27, 2004 Boston Globe Boston students ponder slimmer pickings in vending machines
May 26, 2004 Bismarck Tribune Schools shouldn't push junk food, drink
May 26, 2004 Billings Gazette Nutrition News: Not all bad food habits come out of vend-o-land
May 25, 2003 Boston Herald Schools take bite out of munchies: Board targets vending machines
May 24, 2004 WKRN Governor signs junk food bill into law
May 24, 2004 KSFY School Looks at Healthy Snacks
May 23, 2004 SF Chronicle Big man on campus at S.F. schools alters the way children eat -- and they like it
May 23, 2004 Salt Lake Tribune Students want to junk snacks
May 19, 2004 Forbes US Senate panel seeks more access to school meals
May 19, 2004 Walker County Messenger Weighing in on obesity among school students
May 19, 2004 Jackson Citizen-Patriot School to offer healthier fare
May 19, 2004 Brownwood Bulletin School meals under scrutiny of state
May 18, 2004 Newsweek Food Fight
May 14, 2004 Monroe Times Teachers, administrators discuss school nutrition
May 13, 2004 Citizen Online Students need better nutrition
May 12, 2004 Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier School vending machines fattening kids, study says
May 12, 2004 Marin Independent-Journal Woolsey lobbies for healthier school food
May 12, 2004 Chicago Sun-Times Study finds little healthy in school vending machines
May 12, 2004 Metrowest Daily News Pressing a button for lunch: Schools grapple with healthy food choices, vending machine convenience
May 11, 2004 USA Today School vending rated as junk
May 11, 2004 Reno Gazette Journal School nutrition program wins OK
May 11, 2004 Business Wire State's School Vending Machines ``A Mess,'' But Enlightened School Leaders Leading Way to Healthier Choices
May 11, 2004 The Oregonian The ABCs of obesity
May 9, 2004 Las Vegas Journal Review School district to tackle nutrition
May 9, 2004 Taunton Gazette School lunches questioned: Supply and demand or feeding a bad habit?
May 9, 2004 St. Petersburg Times Weaning schools off junk food
May 6, 2004 North Wales Daily Post Schools ban junk meals
May 6, 2004 Toledo Blade P-D-Y district mulls in-school breakfast for hungry students
May 5, 2004 Ashland City Times Legislators want to cut down on snacks at schools
May 5, 2004 Pioneer Press Schools to junk soda, fat foods
May 3, 2004 Patriot News Healthy Habits
May 1, 2004 News-Journal Remove junk despite kids' complaints
April 29, 2004 The Tennessean Healthy or junk? Schools offer both
April 27, 2004 Duluth News Tribune Advocacy groups urges change in school milk offerings
April 26, 2004 Chicago Sun Times Parents can help schools cut the fat for kids
April 26, 2004 LA Times Snack machines try to shake junk-food image
April 24, 2004 Sacramento Bee School lunches get bad, good grades
April 24, 2004 The Clarion-Ledger Obesity termed rampant in Miss.
April 24, 2004 The Advocate School snack bill deserves review
April 23, 2004 Los Angeles Daily News LAUSD nears lunch goal
April 23, 2004 Jackson Citizen-Patriot Schools, don't wait for a state junk-food edict
April 22, 2004 Bridgeport News Looking to the future
April 21, 2004 Chicago Sun-Times Schools banning vending machine junk food
April 21, 2004 Des Moines Register Healthful choices
April 21, 2004 Palm Beach Post 'No Junk Food' the Rule in Conn. District
April 21, 2004 Palm Beach Post Chicago Bans Soda Pop in Public Schools
April 21, 2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Schools need to be part of solving child obesity problem
April 19, 2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer 'No Junk Food' Rule at Conn. Schools
April 19, 2004 WJLA Junk Food Ejected From Montgomery County Schools
April 19, 2004 Capital News 9 Tedisco wants to keep kids healthy
April 13, 2004 SF Ghronicle Healthier vending machines
April 4, 2004 KCRG Cedar Rapids High School Looking at Healthier Vending Machine Alternative
April 4, 2004 Jackson Sun Community allies needed to fight eating disorders
April 3, 2004 Times Standard Obesity survey calls for environmental change
April 2, 2004 Miami Herald Healthful Alternatives Scarce in Reading, Pa.-Area Schools' Vending Machines
April 2, 2004 Fayetteville Observer Super Sizing It
April 1, 2004 Hardin County News Enterprise HCS board considers dietary disasters
April 1, 2004 Messenger Press Pizza ... or salad?
March 31, 2004 San Diego Union Tribune Field Poll shows Californians concerned about obesity in children
March 30, 2004 Muskegon Chronicle Winning the food fight
March 29, 2004 Barrington Times Battle of the bulge
March 28, 2004 Westside News Holley's breakfast program proving worthwhile
March 27, 2004 Winchester Star Necessary Measures
March 26, 2004 Narragansett Times Local schools promote healthy food
March 26, 2004 Vancouver Sun More boards to ban junk foods, pop
March 25, 2004 Pasadena Star News Junk-food ban sought for schools
March 25, 2004 Today's Sunbeam Pittsgrove's Olivet School offers students healthy choice
March 25, 2004 Antioch Review ACHS may put cap on soda
March 25, 2004 Sacramento Bee Campus food fight
March 25, 2004 Sacramento Bee Schools explore ways to slim down students
March 24, 2003 Bedford Minuteman Taking aim at students' palettes
March 22, 2004 Alameda Times Star School cafeteria cooks upgrading fare
March 21, 2004 Daily Local Great Valley puts more healthy foods on campus
March 19, 2004 Deseret News Nutrition policy just sweet talk?
March 18, 2004 Sacramento Bee USDA goes to public for ways to fight fat
March 18, 2004 Germantown News Shelby County school board considers banning junk food
March 17, 2004 Boston Globe Schools rethink vending-machine fare
March 17, 2004 Reno Gazette Journal Washoe to decide on fate of junk food in high schools
March 16, 2004 NY Journal News No Junk Food Week
March 15, 2004 Reno Gazette Journal Program would remove junk food from school vending machines, stores
March 15, 2004 Citizens' Voice Obesity: A growing concern
March 14, 2004 Santa Rosa Press Democrat Dangers of obesity tough message to digest
March 13, 2004 Pensacola News Journal Schools fight junk food a fry at a time
March 13, 2004 Rocky Mountain News How to deny kids the right to obesity?
March 7, 2004 Boston Globe Some healthy lessons in the school cafeteria
March 7, 2004 NY Times Food Fighter
March 4, 2004 El Paso Times School food changes
March 4, 2004 Boston Globe Junk food is facing school expulsion
February 28, 2004 Bloomington Pantagraph Eureka High School switches out junk food
February 27, 2004 Yahoo News Access, Healthy School Meals Top Conference Agenda
February 26, 2004 NY Times Help Wanted: Chef to Oversee 800,000 Meals a Day That Students Will Want to Eat
February 26, 2004 Louisville Courier-Journal One voice for nutrition
February 26, 2004 The Olympian Bill urges schools to lead obesity battle
February 24, 2004 BBC News MP wants school junk food ban
February 22, 2004 The News-Press Schools may get slimmer snacks
February 21, 2004 Newark Advocate Healthy habits
February 19, 2004 Barrington Courier Review Putting school vendors on a diet
February 19, 2004 Hernando Today No more junk food deals, Spring Hill mom says
February 18, 2004 Fresno Bee Elementary Meals
February 18, 2004 Daily Mississippian Grant to improve schools' nutrition
February 17, 2004 Commercial Appeal Healthful foods for public schools
February 16, 2004 Commercial Appeal Principals oppose cap on junk food
February 16, 2004 Journal Standard Keep junk food out of schools
February 16, 2004 Nashville City Paper School policies hit on losing junk, looking good
February 13, 2004 Nashville City Paper Junk food under attack
February 13, 2004 Indiana Statesman Healthier options for vending machines in the works
February 13, 2004 Mount Vernon News Schools facing issues with vending machines
February 13, 2004 Naples Daily News Schools help, hurt growing obesity problem among children
February 12, 2004 Putnam County Courier Galef calls for removing junk foods from school vending machines
February 12, 2004 Boston Globe Schools, farms seek fruitful partnership
February 9, 2004 Minneapolis Star Tribune Teens like that fizzy feeling
February 9, 2004 The Tennessean Legislation aims to make school snacks healthier
February 7, 2004 Louisville Courier-Journal Junk food in schools
February 6, 2004 Tullahoma News City schools beat state to punch in 'junk food' issue
February 5, 2004 St Petersburg Times Schools have rising unpaid meal bills
February 5, 2004 Education News Junk Food off the Menu at San Francisco Schools
February 5, 2004 Princeton Daily Clarion Fattening choices
February 5, 2004 NY Times City Schools Lost Millions in Food Deals, Report Says
February 4, 2004 Kentucky Post Junk food lessons
February 4, 2004 Cambridge News School cuts out junk food
February 3, 2004 Detroit News District pushes for free lunches
February 3, 2004 The Journal News Schools work toward healthier food choices
February 2, 2004 Daily Journal The choice is theirs
February 2, 2004 Rocky Mountain News Denver schools weigh in on child obesity problem
February 2, 2004 Arizona Republic Schools trimming the fat
February 1, 2004 St. Petersburg Times Reshaping a fitness curriculum
January 31, 2004 El Defensor Chieftan Candy is dandy, but speakers at meeting favor healthy snacks and drinks in schools
January 31, 2004 The Post Crescent Health project a model for schools
January 30, 2004 Berkshire Eagle Kids' lunch choices scrutinized
January 29, 2004 Education News Leave no sugared child behind?
January 28, 2004 Aurora Sentinel Aurora schools look to bring healthier choices to the table
January 28, 2004 Daily Camera Boulder Valley eyes more nutritious menus
January 27, 2004 Education News Reducing School Junk Food Reaps Unexpected Benefits: Students Behave and Focus Better
January 27, 2004 Wisconsin State Journal 'Teen Connection' explores how some schools approach nutrition education
January 27, 2004 KGUN Juice And Granola Bars To Replace Sodas And Candy At Some Schools
January 26, 2004 New Britain Herald Vending services going healthy
January 26, 2004 Tampa Tribune Fast Food As Health Food?
January 26, 2004 Yahoo News Obesity among Swedish school kids on the rise: report
January 25, 2004 Observer-Reporter Contractor for state spearheading effort to tackle obesity problem
January 24, 2004 Modesto Bee Waterford rumbling: It's stomachs
January 24, 2004 Arizona Republic Shaping up in, chips out: 8 schools to cut snacks
January 23, 2004 Detroit Free Press FOOD IN MICHIGAN SCHOOLS: As obesity soars among kids and adults, snacks, rewards and attitudes are changing
January 18, 2004 Freeport Journal-Standard Banning pop just part of the battle
January 18, 2004 St Petersburg Times Health heroes: fruits, veggies
January 17, 2004 Newsnet Schools may ban vending machines
January 15, 2004 The News-Record Schools want to take on obesity issue
January 15, 2004 Fort Mill Times Freely pouring
January 11, 2004 St. Augustine Record What are our kids eating?
January 11, 2004 Palm Beach Post Will Florida schools trim junk food from halls?
January 9, 2004 Black Hills Pioneer Schools take steps to help teens stay fit and healthy
January 9, 2004 Kentucky Post Money vs. kids
January 8, 2004 Cleveland Plain Dealer Students happy to eat veggies, fruits and other healthful snacks
January 8, 2004 Rockford Register Star Junk ban can slim students, revenues
January 7, 2004 Journal Times A soda-free zone means better concentration
January 6, 2004 Palm Beach Post Junk food sales may become campus no-no
January 6, 2004 Ontario says more than just soft drinks have to be banned from schools
January 5, 2004 Johnson County Sun Some schools dispensing with vended snacks
January 5, 2004 Boston Globe Doctors' group urges soda ban in schools to fight obesity
December 30, 2003 Palm Beach Post Task force comes up with 21 recommendations
December 26, 2003 Troy Record Bigger not better when it comes to eating
December 25, 2003 The Age Junk food ads face expulsion
December 24, 2003 Atlanta Journal Constitution Junk Food Vendetta
December 23, 2003 Reuters School Nutrition Programs Can Work: Study
December 18, 2003 Boston Globe Battle of the bulge hits schools
December 14, 2003 Syracuse Post-Standard Schools drop ball as kids get fatter
December 12, 2003 Morrison County Record School lunches: How healthy do students eat?
December 12, 2003 Portland Press Herald Prospects seen bright for junk food curbs
December 8, 2003 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation National Polls Show Parents and Teachers Agree on Solutions to Childhood Obesity
December 8, 2003 Cincinnati Enquirer Some schools cut junk foods
December 8, 2003 Birmingham News Correct change: Snacktime switch
December 7, 2003 Oakland Tribune No enforcement, too little money mean bad eating habits in schools
December 7, 2003 Bowling Green Daily News State should do more to help teens
December 4, 2003 Chicago Sun Times Aldermen call for less junk food, more healthy breakfasts in schools
December 3, 2003 Telegraph Fatty foods 'must be outlawed'
December 3, 2003 Minneapolis Star Tribune Want rice with that? St. Paul schools try ethnic food
November 26, 2003 Silver City Daily Press Udall looking at impact of junk food in schools
November 26, 2003 CBC Minister wants junk food out of schools
November 24, 2003 Gotham Gazette Obesity And The Schools
November 22, 2003 People's Weekly World School lunches use kids as guinea pigs
November 19, 2003 Maryland Gazette Debate over healthier snacks turns to replacing revenue
November 15, 2003 Poughkeepsie Journal Schools try to make lunches fun, kindle taste for healthy food
November 13, 2003 Star-Ledger Fat's out, nutrition's in
November 10, 2003 Washington Post Cooking Up a Better School Lunch Program
November 10, 2003 Reno Gazette-Journal Hot lunch headache
November 8, 2003 Reno Gazette-Journal Cafeteria plan
November 8, 2003 Visalia Times-Delta Schools to limit food fund-raisers
October 30, 2003 Westerly Sun Chariho Officials Draw Line Against Benefit Candy Sales
October 28, 2003 The Olympian Food choice is important
October 27, 2003 EurekAlert Childhood obesity? School food service personnel say NIMBY
October 26, 2003 St. Petersburg Times Do treats sour the learning process?
October 23, 2003 Norton Mirror After-lunch treats concern parents
October 23, 2003 Wilmington News Journal Rethinking school snacks
October 23, 2003 Contra Costa Times L.A. school board member focuses on fatty cafeteria fare
October 22, 2003 The Guardian Ban junk food from schools, says poll
October 21, 2003 Journal Standard Low-fat lunch: School cafeterias fight childhood obesity
October 20, 2003 Birmingham News City schools sign contract for healthier pupil snacks
October 19, 2003 Sioux City Journal Fat kids have government slimming down school lunch program with more produce
October 16, 2003 Summit Daily News Healthy school lunches offer more alternatives
October 15, 2003 Arizona Republic Kids' obesity a call to arms
October 15, 2003 Knox News School-food alliances leave bad taste to some
October 15, 2003 Sierra Vista Herald City program helps kids avoid obesity
October 8, 2003 Townsend Times Healthy options to result from committee vote
October 2, 2003 Boston Globe Schools weigh fatty snack ban
September 29, 2003 Town Talk The great debate: vending machines in schools
September 29, 2003 White Plains Journal News Region's students get taste of healthier diet
September 27, 2003 Miami Herald Fast Food High: Burgers, Chips And Sodas Invade Schools
September 27, 2003 Charlotte Observer Nutrition fights for place at table
September 27, 2003 Charlotte Observer Healthy foods can be a tough sell
September 26, 2003 Tahlequah Daily Press Schools offer snacks
September 25, 2003 Medford Transcript School program to address 'whole child'
September 24, 2003 Ventura County Star Unfit students worry officials
September 23, 2003 Arizona Republic State school officials postpone junk food decision
September 23, 2003 San Jose Mercury News Group pushes for locally grown food in California schools
September 22, 2003 Arizona Republic Schools rife with junk-food hype
September 21, 2003 Metro West Daily News Sad truths about junk food, fat and money
September 17, 2003 Standard Times A host of healthy choices
September 15, 2003 NY Times Free Breakfast Offered to All in City Schools
September 15, 2003 CNN Nutrition advocate: Vending machines fail students
September 12, 2003 Arizona Republic Kick candy to curb
September 9, 2003 Today's Sunbeam What's for lunch today? Schools take a closer look
September 8, 2003 Birmingham News Schools' funding needs nibble on plan to offer healthier snacks
September 8, 2003 Statesman Journal School menus are deceptively healthy, could be better
September 7, 2003 Palm Springs Desert Sun School lunches undergo subtle changes
September 7, 2003 Boston Globe Fresh thinking
September 7, 2003 Odessa American New state guidelines limit junk food
September 7, 2003 Bowling Green Daily News Educators address children's obesity
September 4, 2003 Lebanon Western Star Schools try to trim the fat at lunchtime
September 4, 2003 San Mateo County Times Schools offering healthy meals may win cash
September 3, 2003 Marco Island Eagle Fresh-2-U program crops up on school lunch menu
September 2, 2003 Cincinnati Enquirer This isn't your mom or dad's gym class
September 1, 2003 LA Times School Lunch Menus Getting Upgrades in Nutrition, Appeal
August 31, 2003 Florida Times Union Schools choose healthier approach
August 31, 2003 Greenville News Schools' fast food is fat food, critics say
August 30, 2003 Cleveland Plain Dealer School cafeterias offering healthier choices
August 30, 2003 Ithaca Journal Apples yield gifts for schools
August 29, 2003 Sacramento Bee Watered down, soda ban passes
August 29, 2003 Charlotte Observer School lunches fail kids
August 29, 2003 SF Chronicle Senate signs on to limit soft drink sales on campus
August 28, 2003 KGO Are School Lunches Healthy?
August 28, 2003 Houston Chronicle School vending machines criticized
August 28, 2003 Portland Press Herald Changing Tastes
August 28, 2003 Danvers Herald Almost fat free schools
August 28, 2003 Pasadena Citizen Changes in nutrition first step toward improved well-being of students
August 27, 2003 Baldwin City Signal Concerns raised about changes to school breakfasts, lunches
August 26, 2003 Arizona Republic Not-so-healthful school food defended
August 25, 2003 Muncie Star Press Schools replace junk food with healthier options
August 24, 2003 St Petersburg Times School Board debates state audit
August 24, 2003 SF Chronicle Banishing junk food
August 24, 2003 Arizona Republic Junk food ban sought for schools
August 24, 2003 SF Chronicle Banishing junk food
August 23, 2003 Ventura County Star Campus drinks could lose fizz soon if plan advances
August 22, 2003 Detroit Free Press Detroit school menus cited for healthy food
August 22, 2003 Marblehead Reporter School junk food wars heating up
August 21, 2003 Washington Post Area Schools Offering Smarter, Snazzier Food Choices
August 21, 2003 Corpus Christi Caller-Times Junk food crackdown supported
August 21, 2003 BBC News Snack breakfasts slow child brains
August 20, 2003 Austin American-Statesman This year, schools stick to healthier vending machine fare
August 20, 2003 Times Record The blame game
August 19, 2003 Birmingham News Healthy snack options urged
August 18, 2003 San Mateo County Times The ABC's of an obesity epidemic
August 17, 2003 Ukiah Daily Journal Ukiah Unified adopts policy regulating junk foods
August 17, 2003 Dayton Daily News 'Mystery meat,' tater tots disappearing from school menus
August 15, 2003 Burlington Vending policy supports healthy snacking
August 15, 2003 Porterville Recorder Cafeteria food in PUSD gets passing grades
August 13, 2003 Bangor Daily News Understanding Obesity
August 9, 2003 Honolulu Advertiser Hawai'i school cooks take lessons in healthy feeding
August 9, 2003 Fort Pierce Tribune Vending machines sell students 'healthy' food
August 5, 2003 Houston Chronicle State becomes sour on sweets in school
July 30, 2003 The Advocate Expert: Eating habits vex cafeterias
July 28, 2003 Hampshire Gazette Change on the menu
July 28, 2003 Times Herald Record Schools to battle kids' bulge
July 25, 2003 Morning News Committee Discusses Nutritional Value in Lunch Meals
July 22, 2003 Fitchburg Sentinel and Enterprise Schools weigh the effects of junk food
July 22, 2003 Standard Times Junk food can be replaced with tasty fare
July 21, 2003 Chicago Sun Times Congress joins war on nation's spreading obesity epidemic
July 21, 2003 Boston Globe Students applaud bid to prohibit junk food
July 18, 2003 Boston Globe Educated eating
July 17, 2003 Sweet drinks increase obesity, nutrition risk in kids
July 15, 2003 Bend Bulletin Nutrition and fitness now staples of school curriculums
July 15, 2003 Education News Junk Food Out, Profits In At San Francisco Middle School
July 13, 2003 Palm Beach Post School dilemma: Student weight vs. profit
July 13, 2003 Reuters School Vending Machines 'Out' with Health Advocates
July 10, 2003 Capital Times Fresh, local food for kids will have long-term benefits
July 9, 2003 Iowa City Press-Citizen Schools' dairy program popular
July 7, 2003 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Children weigh in heavier nationwide
July 7, 2003 Ventura County Star School lunches aim to change the student body
July 2, 2003 Boston Globe Low animal fat urged in cafeteria foods
July 1, 2003 Cincinnati Enquirer Junk food winning lunchtime battle
July 1, 2003 Pittsburgh Post Gazette Junk food prevails at school lunches
July 1, 2003 Chicago Sun Times Kids on front lines of obesity war
June 30, 2003 Anchorage Daily News Vending machines cut back
June 29, 2003 The Journal News Panas High School gets rid of chips, candy
June 29, 2003 SF Chronicle One school's victory
June 29, 2003 SF Chronicle Fast food is king at Arroyo High
June 29, 2003 SF Chronicle Folsom High -- fund-raising vs. nutrition
June 27, 2003 Daily Southerner Bottling nutrition
June 27, 2003 Texarkana Gazette Mmm-mmm good:Schools improve food programs
June 26, 2003 Burlington Free Press Cooks trade cafeteria for classroom
June 25, 2003 NY Daily News Schools to start food fight
June 24, 2003 New York Times New York City Cuts Back Fat and Sweets in School Meals
June 22, 2003 Fond du Lac Reporter Schools to begin offering students healthy choices
June 13, 2003 Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter Local group encourages healthy habits
June 13, 2003 ABC News City Council Wants School Soft Drink Hearings
June 11, 2003 Eureka Times Standard Junk food out of school? Eureka City Schools establishes nutrition policy
June 11, 2003 The Saratogian Offer school kids milk
June 10, 2003 Frontiersman USDA seeks to cut fat out of education
June 10, 2003 Frontiersman Education goes fat-free
June 10, 2003 Hospitality Magazine Kids and fruit actually compatible
June 10, 2003 Appleton Post Crescent Soda, candy machines expelled
June 10, 2003 Wall Street Journal Blueberry or carbonated milk? New dairy drinks target teens
June 10, 2003 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Lawmakers battle obesity in students
June 9, 2003 Great Falls Tribune Battling junk food Students' concerns gets town talking about calories
June 9, 2003 Marin Independent Journal Nutritious school foods pass test in Kentfield
June 6, 2003 Tri Valley Herald Sodas a thing of the past on campus
June 5, 2003 Contra Costa Times Pleasanton cuts campuses' fizz
June 5, 2003 Saratogian Schumer: Kudos to schools that push milk
June 4, 2003 Appleton Post-Crescent Higher lunch costs on the menu
June 3, 2003 Norwich Bulletin State looks to end junk food junket
June 3, 2003 Palm Beach Post School board addresses lunches, recess
June 1, 2003 Honolulu Advertiser $1 lunches no bargain for students
June 1, 2003 Appleton Post-Crescent Appleton panel believes schools would be sweeter without candy
May 30, 2003 Sacramento Bee Irradiated beef OK'd for lunch at schools
May 29, 2003 Battle Creek Enquirer School kids go for the fruit
May 23, 2003 Summit Daily News Task force shows Summit Schools are coming up short in nutrition
May 19, 2003 USA Today Kids need school's help to get healthy
May 19, 2003 Oakland Tribune Do books go well with fries?
May 19, 2003 The Missoulian MCPS eyes healthier alternatives for school meals
May 16, 2003 Science News School Lunches are Struggling to Earn High Marks
May 16, 2003 Redlands Daily Facts Cola wars: The Carbonated Menace
May 15, 2003 Pioneer Press Vending machines profitable, but hurt diet
May 15, 2003 San Francisco Chronicle Wean the schools from soda habit -- yes on California SB677
May 14, 2003 Kansas City Star Teens need help making healthy lifestyle choices in a super-carbonated, fast-food world
May 12, 2003 Eureka Times-Standard Educators talk about improving school lunches
May 12, 2003 CBS News When Calories Are On The Curriculum
May 10, 2003 Cleveland Plain Dealer Study: School cafeterias should lighten up
May 9, 2003 Houston Chronicle School lunches too fatty, auditors say
May 9, 2003 Albuquerque Tribune Trading junk for juice
May 6, 2003 Visalia Times Students find 'energy' is a big seller
May 5, 2003 Springfield News Sun Fast-food profits tempt schools
May 4, 2003 Atlanta Journal Constitution Recipes abound for fighting childhood obesity
May 3, 2003 Atlanta Journal Constitution School lunches: Good choices?
May, 2003 San Francisco Medical Society Junk Food, Freedom of Choice, and Cruel and Unusual Punishment
April 29, 2003 Pensacola News Journal Schools adding vending machines
April 29, 2003 The Olympian Olympia schools continue to focus on nutritious food
April 25, 2003 Portland Press Herald Schools in OOB going sour on sweets
April 25, 2003 Schools fear bill's bite into profits
April 25, 2003 Monroe Times Juda community chips in for milk machine
April 24, 2003 Pioneer Press Teach healthy eating early, produce lasting results
April 24, 2003 Pioneer Press Costs of school lunch programs at odds with healthy choices
April 24, 2003 Pioneer Press Vending machines profitable, but compromise diet
April 23, 2003 San Diego Union Tribune Nutrition mission
April 22, 2003 BBC News Alarm at school commercialisation
April 21, 2003 CBS News Irradiated Meat On School Lunch Menu
April 21, 2003 San Bernardino Sun Healthy food becoming more popular with students
April 18, 2003 AScribe Newswire With Children's Nutrition, All That Glitters Is Not Gold
April 17, 2003 Winchester Herald Chronicle Moo-Ve Over Soft Drinks And Make Room For Milk!
April 17, 2003 Alameda Times-Star Lunch? Here's a vegetable, kid
April 16, 2003 Dayton Daily News Schooled vegetarians
April 15, 2003 Christian Science Monitor Potato chips, cola, and sweets, oh my!
April 13, 2003 Daily Local News Carrots or chips?
April 11, 2003 Henderson Hall News Obesity-related deaths rising
April 9, 2003 North Jersey News Schools become battlegrounds for healthful eating
April 8, 2003 Tucson Citizen More obese children developing life-shortening illnesses
April 8, 200 Birmingham News Fourth of Jeffco kids ages 9-13 overweight
April 8, 2003 Great Falls Tribune Whitefish principal says no junk, no problems
April 6, 2003 Davis Enterprise School board confirms plan to stop soda sales
April 6, 2003 Great Falls Tribune Principal to talk about healthy food in schools
April 6, 2003 The Saratogian Moo-ve over, soda
April 5, 2003 Roanoke Times PTA leaders urge schools to curb candy sales
April 5, 2003 Muncie Star Press Schools agree to limit junk food
April 4, 2003 SF Chronicle K-12 AT A CROSSROADS: One school's uncanny success with junk-food ban
April 4, 2003 SF Chronicle One school's uncanny success with junk-food ban
April 3, 2003 Hudson Sun Federal grant to teach Hudson kids diet control
April 2, 2003 Sacramento Bee Exercising good judgement
April 1, 2003 Santa Paula Times Ricards receives School Lunch Program award
April 1, 2003 Arizona Republic An 'F' in nutrition
April 1, 2003 Detroit News Metro schools trim fatty fare from lunch menus
March 29, 2003 Great Falls Tribune Indian schools trying to adjust fat, sugar in meals, speakers say
March 28, 2003 Starkville Daily News Farm to School Program offers locally grown produce to schools
March 28, 2003 Coventry Courier Munch Bunch consumes 4,000 kids
March 26, 2003 Arizona Republic What kids have to say about eating school food
March 26, 2003 State Hornet The skinny on fattening fast food
March 26, 2003 Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter Research supports need for hot lunch
March 26, 2003 Arizona Republic Big bucks in junk food at schools
March 24, 2003 Contra Costa Times Teachers can't sell candy in class
March 22, 2003 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Milk machines offer alternative
March 19, 2003 Raleigh News Observer Finding balance in school lunch
March 19, 2003 Attleboro Sun Chronicle Food for thought
M for thought
March 19, 2003 Kennebec Journal Healthful choices focus of project
March 16, 2003 Kennebac Journal Determined city youth takes back his life
March 16, 2003 Oakland Tribune Fair spurs healthy food choices at high schools
March 14, 2003 Asheville Citizen-Times Vending machines fatten schools' wallets, students' bellies
March 13, 2003 Sacramento Bee Get serious on nutrition
March 13, 2003 Helena Daily World School board to study replacing snack foods with healthier alternatives
March 11, 2003 Halifax Daily News Tossing out the junk
March 9, 2003 Greeley Tribune Making changes so kids munch a healthy lunch
March 8, 2003 Daily Nonpareil Elementary students told about fruits, vegetables
March 8, 2003 Houston Chronicle Lunch money fears ebb
March 7, 2003 Morgan Hill Times A better way to offer reduced price lunches
March 7, 2003 Summit Daily News Schools address making healthy choices
March 6, 2003 Torrington Register-Citizen Lunch director finds balance of health, taste
March 6, 2003 Nevada City Union Schools magnets for McDonald's
March 3, 2003 The Daily Times It ain't easy being cheesy
March 3, 2003 Great Falls Tribune Steps to healthier kids not complicated
March 3, 2003 Norristown Times Herald A healthy U.S. begins in school
March 3, 2003 Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier Iowa schools part of USDA healthy foods program
March 3, 2003 Minneapolis Star-Tribune Oberstar targets childhood obesity
March 2, 2003 Norristown Times Herald Food for thought: It's not your father's school lunch anymore
March 2, 2003 Florida Today Nutritionists, others vie to change lunch menus
March 2, 2003 Portland Press Herald Obesity fight in schools takes aim at soda, candy
March 2, 2003 Great Falls Tribune Schools should consider a no-junk-food diet
March 1, 2003 Guelph Mercury Students being encouraged to develop good eating habits
March 1, 2003 Kansas City Star School lunch program pits dairy farmers against soybean growers
February 28, 2003 Bar Harbor Times MDI battles bulging waistlines
February 28, 2003 Monroe Times Milking the system
February 26, 2003 Evening Times Law plea to improve kids' diets
February 26, 2003 L.A. Daily News 25% of children in free lunch program may be ineligible
February 25, 2003 BBC News 'Laws needed' for children's diets
February 25, 2003 Courier-Journal Senators bury bill to limit junk food and soda in schools
February 25, 2003 USDA Veneman Outlines Administration Goals For Child Nutrition Programs
February 23, 2003 Great Falls Tribune Junk food saturates city schools
February 23, 2003 Indianapolis Star Schools hooked on junk food
February 23, 2003 The Tennessean Debate rages about whether to serve meals kids will eat or meals kids should eat
February 23, 2003 The Tennessean High School Students 'Get Milk'
February 21, 2003 Cincinnati Enquirer School snacks lose the junk
February 21, 2003 Taunton Gazette Kids OK with healthy eating
February 20, 2003 Portsmouth Herald Taking the bite out of obesity
February 20, 2003 The Olympian House panel hears fears of junk food
February 18, 2003 International Herald Tribune Is tide starting to turn on advertising in school?
February 16, 2003 Whittier Daily News Area's students fit to be tired
February 14, 2003 Corpus Christi Caller-Times So long snacks, hello healthy food
February 14, 2003 Washington Times Maine Democrats go to war on obesity
February 11, 2003 Legislators want school food, drink to shape up
February 10, 2003 The Frontiersman Teaching kids to eat healthy: Whose job is it?
February 9, 2003 S.F. Chronicle Super-size problem: Greg Critser shows how obesity has become the United States' leading social issue
February 6, 2003 El Paso Times Bills fight kids' obesity, push exercise
January 27, 2003 El Paso Times School lunches are missing the mark
January 26, 2003 The Star Press Health officials ask schools to get rid of junk food
January 23, 2003 Newhouse News Service Healthful Fare Is Taking Junk Food's Place in School Vending Machines
January 22, 2003 ABC News Smart Lunches?
January 15, 2003 S.F. Chronicle S.F. schools join war on obesity, ban junk food
January 14, 2003 S.F. Chronicle JUNK FOOD: S.F. school district considers ban
January 13, 2003 New York Times Eat Your Vegetables? Only at a Few Schools
October 17, 2002 CNN Soy milk coming to school lunches?
September 24, 2002 New York Times Schools Teach 3 C's: Candy, Cookies and Chips
August 28, 2002 S.F. Chronicle L.A. schools to stop soda sales: District takes cue from Oakland ban
August 26, 2002 The Valley News Fulton School District will receive nearly $500,000 for pouring rights
August 2002 Lexington-Fayette County Health Department Vending Machines: The Buzz in Schools Across the Nation
July 24, 2002 Blue Print for Health School Lunches: Invasion of the Body Fatteners
May 30, 2002 Bergen County Record Planet Twinkie and the junk food assault on our kids
March 13, 2002 The Cincinnati Enquirer Henry battles junk food in school
October 26, 2001 Silicon Valley Business Journal Students' junk-food habits threaten health, learning
October 3, 2001 Education Week States Consider Forbidding Snack, Soda Sales
September 9, 2001 New York Times Some States Fight Junk Food Sales in Schools
February 27, 2001 Washington Post Soft Drinks, Hard Facts
February 7, 2001 Jefferson News Tribune Junk food big business at local schools
January 10, 2001 Mother Jon/a>
February 7, 2001 Jefferson News Tribune Junk food big business at local schools
January 10, 2001 Mother Jones Schoolhouse Rot
March 23, 1999 Washington Post Fighting the Cola Wars in Schools

Other Information About School Nutrition
Board of Education, SFUSD Healthy School Nutrition and Physical Exercise Policy for San Francisco Unified School District
Center for Science in the Public Interest School Foods Tool Kit
Commercial Alert Commercialism in the Schools
California Department of Education Linking Education, Activity, and Food (LEAF) Policy and Pilot Program Grants (California)
US Department of Agriculture Healthy School Meals Resource System
California Food Policy Advocates Improving Meal Quality in California's Schools
California Food Policy Advocates California School Food Finance Study: Key Findings

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