Fast Food and Junk Food
A survey of American schoolchildren found that 96% could identify Ronald MacDonald. The only fictional character with a higher degree of recognition was Santa Claus. The impact of MacDonald's on the way we live today is hard to overstate. The Golden Arches are now more widely recognized than the Christian cross.

The fast food chains also benefit enormously when children drink more soda. The chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and other main courses sold at fast food restaurants usually have the lowest profit margins. Soda has by far the highest. "We at MacDonald's are thankful," a top executive once told the New York Times, "that people like drinks with their sandwiches." Today MacDonald's sells more Coca-Cola than anyone else in the world.
- Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser
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Fast Food and Junk Food in the News

February 2008Conde Nast PortfolioFat Profits
December 13, 2007MSNBC16 secrets the restaurant industry doesn't want you to know
December 5, 2007NY Times A High Price for Healthy Food
April 18, 2007SF Chronicle Fast-food nutrition baffles consumers
March 12, 2007Eagle Tribune Campaign wants to throw the book at pizza incentives
March 12, 2007LA Times Theater snacks rarely a healthy choice
January 29, 2007AlterNet Food Giants' Endless Appetite for Profit
January 24, 2007Lincoln County News Fresh Vegetables Make Healthy School Lunches
January 22, 2007SF Gate More Students Shun Cafeteria Junk Food
January 13, 2007Courier News Schools, students adapt to new food guidelines
December 28, 2006SF Chronicle Universal Studios Parks Ban Trans Fats
December 7, 2006Washington Post Trans Fat Is Out in NYC
October 29, 2006NewsweekNYC trans fat ban could spread nationwide
September 17, 2006SF ChronicleIt's a fat, fat, fat, fat world
June 14, 2006NY TimesKFC Is Sued Over the Use of Trans Fats in Its Cooking
April 22, 2006NY TimesSalads or No, Cheap Burgers Revive McDonald's
April 13, 2006CNN Study: U.S. fast food fries pack in more trans fat
April 9, 2006 Associated Press Fighting against supersizing
February 18, 2006 Chicago Sun Times Lawsuit filed against McDonald's
December 12, 2005 Food Navigator Global regulatory cooperation vital in fight against obesity
October 26, 2005 NY Times McDonald's to Add Facts on Nutrition to Packaging
October 9, 2005 The Sunday Times Burger King opts out of health food drive
September 16, 2005 NY Times Kraft Introduces 2 Somewhat Healthier Cookies Made of Whole Grains
September 14, 2005 KTVU Study: California Teens Fixed On Junk Food
September 12, 2005 Baltimore Sun Fast food, fat food
August 20, 2005 Boston Globe Why obesity is winning
August 11, 2005 The Nation Junk Food Nation: Who's to Blame for Childhood Obesity?
April 27, 2005 Washington Post The Escalating Obesity Wars
April 10, 2005 Connecticut Post Lawmakers join fast food fight
April 10, 2005 Connecticut Post Fast-food eaters welcome menu labels
March 9, 2005 NY Times So Much for Squeaky Clean Cookies
March 9, 2005 NY Times McDonald's Says It's Time to Exercise
February 13, 2005 NY Times Fat Substitute Is Pushed Out of the Kitchen
February 12, 2005 SF Chronicle $7 million for suit on trans fats McDonald's to pay heart association
February 9, 2005 NY Times Selling Wholesomeness in the Breakfast Bowl
January 13, 2005 Washington Times Commentary: Fruit Ahoy!
January 10, 2005 Washington Post Putting a Healthy Spin On Processed Foods
January 7, 2005 Washington Post Group Takes Aim at Junk-Food Marketing
December 30, 2004 Miami Herald Study: Fast Food Contributes to Obesity
December 1, 2004 LA Times 'Super Size Me' Filmmaker Offers Food for Thought
November 3, 2004 The Guardian WHO 'buried' report to please food industry
October 15, 2004 Billings Gazette Food makers diminish servings
October 3, 2004 USA Today Sugar business sours as U.S. goes diet crazy
June 30, 2004 LA Times Teens' fast-food calories add up
May 24, 2004 Investor's Business Daily A Lesson In Selling Healthy Snacks
April 27, 2004 AlterNet Fat Chance
April 20, 2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer Filmmaker discusses his 30-day McBinge
April 16, 2004 Seattle Times Happy grown-ups wanted, too: McDonald's new meal has pedometer
March 17, 2004 Indianapolis Star Portion re-sizing is welcome idea
March 17, 2004 Why Junk Food is so Tempting, And How to Beat Your Temptation
March 9, 2004 Christian Science Monitor Downsize this! Americans escalate their war on fat
February 28, 2004 Citizen Online Fighting fast food's grip on a fast nation
February 24, 2004 CNN Report finds kids' menus heavy on fat
February 19, 2004 Reuters USDA War on Weight Summons Beefy Fast-Food Giants
February 18, 2004 Lawrence Journal World What's a serving size?
February 10, 2004 Toronto Star 'Fat is now the new tobacco'
January 28, 2004 Deseret News Subway taking action to fight childhood obesity
January 23, 2004 Felix The Unpalatable Politics Of Food
January 16, 2004 Boston Globe Fast food moves beyond the burger
January 16, 2004 Washington Post U.S. Says It Will Contest WHO Plan to Fight Obesity
January 15, 2004 Common Dreams Secret Document Shows Bush Administration Effort to Stop Global Anti-Obesity Initiative
January 11, 2004 Houston Chronicle McDonald's posts details on fat, calories and carbs
December 20, 2003 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Obesity changing food industry
December 8, 2003 CNN Study: More TV means fewer veggies for teens
December 8, 2003 New Haven Register Joe rebukes fast-food makers
December 3, 2003 Metroactive Fat Lip Service
November 25, 2003 Slate McNasty
November 17, 2003 USA Today Junk food super-sizing Europeans
November 15, 2003 NY Times The Smoke and Mirrors of Food Labeling
October 18, 2003 The Five Absolute Worst Foods You Can Eat
October 17, 2003 Forbes As Americans give up cookie habit, Kraft suffers
October 8, 2003 SF Chronicle PepsiCo gets fatter, so do we
October 1, 2003 Santa Cruz Sentinel Got milk? Happy Meals do
September 28, 2003 Washington Post French Fry Consumption Is Starting To Flatten
September 26, 2003 National Post Selling healthy foods can lead to fat profits: study
September 25, 2003 Yahoo News Food giants mend their ways to fight child obesity
September 23, 2003 Wall Street Journal PepsiCo Sets Health-Snack Effort
September 19, 2003 Washington Post Burger King Will Offer Healthier Food
September 10, 2003 National Post Obesity is next big business challenge
September 9, 2003 New Zealand Herald Fast-food firms: we've cleaned up
September 8, 2003 Reuters Wendy's Joins Health Information Wave
August 26, 2003 Yale Global Coping With the Newest Threat to Global Health - Fat
August 25, 2003 Contra Costa Times Battle of the bulge divides lawmakers, activists
August 20, 2003 CBSMarketWatch Passing blame around the table
August 19, 2003 Detroit Free Press The numbers tell the story at Baja Fresh
August 10, 2003 Washington Post Public Policy Targeting Obesity
August 7, 2003 Barron's McDonald's Stock: No Value Meal
August 6, 2003 CBS MarketWatch Fatted calves
July 29, 2003 Wall Street Journal There Are Some Healthy Snacks That Your Kids Will Actually Eat
July 28, 2003 CanWest News Service Study asks: Why are kids getting fatter?
July 26, 2003 Oakland Press Applebee's to add low-calorie foods
July 26, 2003 Lodi News-Sentinel Weight problems becoming more common among youth
July 26, 2003 Lodi News-Sentinel Schools seek healthy choices
July 26, 2003 NY Times Can Kraft Trim the Fat in an Oreo World?
July 25, 2003 Working for Change Fat chance for virtue
July 22, 2003 NY Times The Gorge-Yourself Environment
July 20, 2003 Sunday Herald Legal action from parents over fast food in schools 'not far off'
July 19, 2003 Reuters Food Industry Health Pitches Prompt Skepticism
July 18, 2003 Washington Post Fast Food Calorie Counter
July 18, 2003 Good Housekeeping Growing Food Portions Fuelling U.S. Obesity Epidemic
July 11, 2003 Reuters Socially aware investors mull junk food debate
July 10, 2003 Guardian Fat is a foreigner's issue
July 10, 2003 New York Times 'Big Food' Gets the Obesity Message
July 10, 2003 New York Times F.D.A. Announces Label Requirement for Artery-Clogger
July 9, 2003 New York Times Food Makers Trim Fat as Lawsuits and Regulations Loom
July 9, 2003 USA Today Eating Choices: Junk food or Healthy food
July 9, 2003 SF Chronicle Trans fat to appear on food labels
July 6, 2003 Boston Globe Lawyers plan new strategies to fight obesity
July 5, 2003 Toronto Star Kraft cooks up a plan to avoid obesity lawsuits
July 5, 2003 The Globe and Mail Fat: the next tobacco
July 3, 2003 Washington Times Fast-food industry responds to fat charges
July 2, 2003 SF Chronicle Maker of Oreos promises major nutritional overhaul
July 1, 2003 USA Today Under fire, food giants switch to healthier fare
July 1, 2003 USA Today Kraft plans to start putting its food on a diet
June 27, 2003 Washington Times Food companies use humor as defense in ads
June 24, 2003 CNS News Possible Immunity for Fast Food Industry a 'Different Ballgame' From Tobacco
June 22, 2003 Washington Times Advocates meet to plan Big Mac attack on fat
June 21, 2003 Edmonton Journal Want that lawsuit supersized?
June 21, 2003 Fox News Food Industry Seek Protection From Rising Lawsuits
June 20, 2003 Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier McDonald's demands end to antibiotic use
June 20, 2003 Yahoo News Tobacco Foes Ready Legal Assault Over Obesity
June 20, 2003 Jewish World Review Congressman trying to protect fast-food industry from obesity lawsuits
June 19, 2003 CNSNews Fat Lawsuits Stand Fat Chance, Say Critics
June 18, 2003 New York Times Coke Confirms Product Test Was Rigged
June 11, 2003 Washington Times Obese people use lawsuits to get government involved
May 25, 2003 St. Petersburg Times These days, it's gobble-on-the-go or not at all
May 5, 2003 Atlanta Journal-Constitution Fast-food profits tempt schools
May, 2003 San Francisco Medicine Junk Food, Freedom of Choice, and Cruel and Unusual Punishment
April 23, 2003 Minneapolis Star Tribune How jumbo sizes became normal
April 16, 2003 Reuters Health Food Stats Now a Mouse Click Away for Consumers
April 15, 2003 Atlanta Journal Constitution Fat chance
April 8, 2003 The Oregonian The lure of fast food
April 8, 2003 The Saratogian Fries for education
April 4, 2003 Atlanta Journal Constitution McDonald's may add healthy to Happy
April 2, 2003 Commercial Alert Childhood obesity and the marketing of junk food in schools
March 24, 2003 Ananova Fast Food Campaign Targets Preschool Children
March 10, 2003 CNN TV, lots of fast food triple obesity risk
March 8, 2003 Azcentral Study: Fast food, TV triple obesity risk
February 2, 2003 Sacramento Bee Vets of tobacco wars take aim at fast food
January 20, 2003 Forbes Pepsi's New Challenge
December 23, 2002 Boston Globe Fast Food, Fat Kids
October 15, 2002 SF Chronicle Teachers sizzle over fast food fund-raiser
September, 2002 Nutrition Action Health Letter Fast Food 2002: The best and Worst
April 8, 2002 Detroit Free Press Marketing To Younger Tastes: Kids eat up fast-food ad blitz
February 13, 2002 Good Morning America Fast Food Makeover: How to Jump Off the Fast Food Track
January 17, 2002 Blue Print for Health Fast Food Fact Finder
April 4, 2001 Newhour Extra Fast Food Nation

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