Nutrition and Children's Health

Nutrition and Children's Health in the News
May 17, 2008 Washington Post Obesity Threatens a Generation
March 25, 2008 NY Times Skipping Cereal and Eggs, and Packing on Pounds
December 6, 2007 Washington Post Overweight Kids At Risk as Adults
April 22, 2007 BBC News Success for child obesity scheme
March 10, 2007 KELO Take A Pro-Active Role In Fighting Childhood Obesity
February 23, 2007 Seattle Post Intelligencer State's youths getting fatter
October 22, 2006 USA Today Strategies to fight youthful obesity
September 22, 2006 Sierra Sun The fats of Life
September 13, 2006 Consumer Affairs Report Finds Slim Progress in Fighting Childhood Obesity
April 4, 2006 LA Times Obese Children Too Big for Car Seats, Study Says
September 21, 2005 Chicago Tribune A sticky debate
September 9, 2005 LA Times Childhood Obesity Off the Scale in California
July 7, 2005 NY Times The Food Industry Empire Strikes Back
June 28, 2005 New Mexican Poor health habits reason for grade gap
June 14, 2005 NY Times All That Calcium, and Maybe Weight Control Too
June 12, 2005 NY Times Striking Back at the Food Police
May 15, 2005 Los Angeles Daily News Type 2 diabetes threatens more and more children
May 15, 2005 New York Times Low Carbs? Who Cares? Sugar Is Latest Supermarket Demon
March 29, 2005 New York Times 'Diabesity,' a Crisis in an Expanding Country
March 23, 2005 Sauk Prairie Eagle Community takes on childhood obesity fight
March 17, 2005 NY Times Children's Life Expectancy Being Cut Short by Obesity
March 13, 2005 Yuma Sun Parents, schools must battle youthful obesity
March 11, 2005 Boston Herald Chubby children on track for obese adulthood
March 1, 2005 AScribe Perspective Change Needed in Obesity Prevention; March Is National Nutrition Month
February 27, 2005 News Tribune Fighting childhood obesity: A long way to go
February 27, 2005 Children are prey to 'Big Sugar'
February 5, 2005 Tucson Citizen Arizona looks for solutions to childhood obesity
February 1, 2005 Albuquerque Tribune Commentary: Heavy cost
January 26, 2005 Arizona Republic Arizona looks to get your kids slim, healthy
January 19, 2005 SF Chronicle Weak Links in the Food Chain: New threat to kids -- their waists
January 18, 2005 NY Times Nutrition: Sugar, but Not to the Ceiling
January 18, 2005 San Jose Mercury News New York tackles children's obesity
January 14, 2005 Health Day High Blood Pressure: The New Childhood Scourge
January 13, 2005 Oxford Press Fruits, veggies top guidelines
January 5, 2005 The Californian Families tackle obesity
January 3, 2005 The Republican Shedding baby fat more difficult to do
January 1, 2005 NY Times Heavy Questions
January 1, 2005 Philadelphia Inquirer Childhood obesity still rising
December 30, 2004 Boston Globe N.H. weighs students to monitor for obesity
December 30, 2004 SF Chronicle DIET: Obesity is rising sharply among U.S. preschoolers
December 27, 2004 Insight Childhood obesity spread in 2004
December 27, 2004 Daily Review Understanding the bulge
December 27, 2004 TIME The Year of Obesity
December 26, 2004 Daily Review Kids are gaining too much weight
December 19, 2004 Asbury Park Press Calcium campaign targets black, Hispanic families
December 16, 2004 WKSU Eating Habits of the Millennial Generation
December 7, 2004 News-Journal Doctors mull tactics against obesity
December 7, 2004 Houston Chronicle Medicare costs to go up as obese Americans age
December 5, 2004 Boston Globe The cost of good nutrition
December 1, 2004 USA Today 'Twinkie tax' worth a try in fight against obesity
November 28, 2004 Wichita Eagle Is the U.S. government's farm policy making you fat?
November 15, 2004 USA Today How to downsize the student body
November 5, 2004 Daily Herald Why today's children are more obese than ever before
November 4, 2004 Hingham Journal Kids learn fast food is 'fat' food
October 24, 2004 Muskegon Chronicle Parents pass obesity epidemic to their kids
October 15, 2004 NBC4 Group Launches 4-Year, $26M Plan To Reduce Childhood Obesity
October 14, 2004 Charleston Post and Courier Parental duty vs. childhood obesity
October 1, 2004 USA Today Health institute offers steps for fighting child obesity
September 30, 2004 PBS Childhood Obesity
September 30, 2004 NY Times New Approach to Childhood Obesity Urged
September 28, 2004 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 'Super Size Me' director continues his anti-fast-food crusade with release of DVD
September 26, 2004 Quad City Times Curbing diabetes
September 7, 2004 Rocky Mountain News Toppling the pyramid
August 28, 2004 Boston Globe Diet plan stops short of urging less sugar
August 25, 2004 Public Opinion Pennsylvania receives a big, fat 'F' in obesity report
August 14, 2004 Salem Statesman Journal Surgeon General urges action against obesity
August 11, 2004 US Newswire Experts Offer Back-to-School Meal and Snacking Advice
July 26, 2004 LA Times Obesity fuels their fervor
July 14, 2004 Houston Chronicle 'Free' equipment comes at price
July 11, 2004 Daily Press Food for thought
July 8, 2004 Daliy Press Weight's our problem
July 5, 2004 Indy Star Putting on the pounds adds up to trouble for kids
June 28, 2004 media Daily News Coke's New Chairman Needs Some New Thinking. Real!
June 27, 2004 Lowell Sun Confronting young America's weighty crisis
June 7, 2004 Junk food manufacturers should be banned from targeting unhealthy products at children
June 6, 2004 Croydon Guardian Ban child junk food ads
June 5, 2004 Daily Press Outcry urged to stop obesity
June 4, 2004 Philadelphia Inquirer Ark. findings on obese children offer unsettling clues for nation
June 4, 2004 USA Today Child obesity worse than thought, study suggests
June 2, 2004 East Valley Tribune Silence on fast food a nightmare
June 1, 2004 Daily Press Weighty issue brings big names to Wbg
May 30, 2004 Atlanta Journal Constitution Fat: Parents deserve big slice of blame
May 28, 2004 Houston Chronicle Study of obesity in Texas kids casts cloud
May 27, 2004 Scotland on Sunday MPs 'Shocked' by Death of Obese Girl Aged 3
May 22, 2004 LA Times The Schools Go Flabby
May 20, 2004 CNN Feds push blood pressure treatment for kids
May 19, 2004 Decatur Daily Democrat Hundreds of schools get stuck with 'free' equipment
May 10, 2004 CBS News Fighting Fat On A Global Scale
May 3, 2004 Contra Costa Times Bullying surrounds fat teens, study finds
April 21, 2004 Education Week Preschoolers' Choice: Tofu or Potato Chips?
April 19, 2004 Chicago Tribune Snatching snacks from jaws of victory, defeat
April 15, 2004 Orlando Sentinel School takes the lead in lessons on healthy living
April 6, 2004 Sarasota Herald Tribune Don't worry, be healthy
April 5, 2004 Times Standard Obesity, poor nutrition hit poor hardest
April 5, 2004 Mansfield News Journal Losing weight requires changes
March 31, 2004 SF Chronicle Worries about kids' obesity growing
March 30, 2004 Reuters Program Keeps Heavy Kids from Getting Heavier
March 29, 2004 CanWest News Back to basic foods key to healthy kids
March 29, 2004 MSNBC Slim down your child's menu when dining out
March 24, 2004 Grand Rapids Press More kids now at risk for high blood pressure
March 24, 2004 Minneapolis Star Tribune Obesity is biggest health problem for children, researchers say
March 24, 2004 News Observer Youth obesity gets hard look
March 23, 2004 The Columbian On the Table: Restaurants offer 'healthy' child menus
March 20, 2004 Sacramento Bee Study shows obesity threat for Latino kids
March 19, 2004 USA Today Teens and dieting a losing proposition
March 12, 2004 Helena Independent Record A nation of fatsos
March 11, 2004 Health Day America's Girth Carries Hefty Price Tag
March 9, 2004 Kalamazoo Gazette Battling the childhood bulge
March 7, 2004 Providence Business News Obesity costs saddle R.I. taxpayers, report finds
March 7, 2004 Morning News Diet, Inactivity Deadly Combination, Health Advocates Say
March 5, 2004 Yahoo News High Blood Pressure Risk Climbs with Kids' Weight
March 2, 2004 Boston Globe Doctors can't do much to help kids weight
February 29, 2004 Palm Beach Post Too Much Weight Tugs at Kids' Hearts
February 27, 2004 Fresno Bee Valley diabetes rates demand action, study finds
February 26, 2004 San Diego Union Tribune Diabetes threat is charted in state Death rates high in South Bay area
February 25, 2004 North County Times Study: Diabetes deaths lower in North County than statewide
February 24, 2004 The Sun Tubby kids going to waist
February 23, 2004 Journal Gazette Times-Courier Educators learn how to promote healthy eating for children
February 20, 2004 Oakland Tribune Girls' reality, self-image don't mesh, study finds
February 20, 2004 Ann Arbor News Heavy kids loom as future health crisis
February 19, 2004 NZZ Online Swiss kids are getting fatter
February 18, 2004 Christian Science Monitor Foes of 'globesity' run afoul of sugar's friends
February 17, 2004 Greece Now Weighty issue
February 12, 2004 Birmingham Post Full up - clinic to help fat children
February 6, 2004 Chambersburg Public Opinion Overweight kids often have health problems later
February 5, 2004 BBC News Fighting fat the Finnish way
February 3, 2004 Memphis Business Journal UT doctors offer diabetes report
February 1, 2004 Edwardsville Intelligencer Obesity alarms physicians
January 30, 2004 Holmen Courier Big steps needed to reverse obesity in our children
January 30, 2004 LA Daily News Romer science plan bad for kids' health?
January 26, 2004 Fresno Bee Sweet deals
January 21, 2004 NY Times Study: Taxes Pay for Most Obesity Costs
January 20, 2004 NY Times The Widening of America, or How Size 4 Became a Size 0
January 12, 2004 Deseret News Are short lunches bad for children?
January 11, 2004 Santa Maria Times The little weight problem at home could be referring to the children
January 6, 2004 Children's Hospital Boston Effects of Fast-Food Consumption on Energy Intake and Diet Quality Among Children in a National Household Survey
January 5, 2004 Chillicothe Gazette Overweight children: What can we do?
January 3, 2004 Ames Tribune Keeping kids off the road to obesity
January 1, 2004 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette America's obesity problem big news
January, 2004 American School Board Journal The Obesity Epidemic
January, 2004 American School Board Journal Beyond Baby Fat
December 23, 2003 NY Times Stampede of Diabetes as U.S. Races to Obesity
December 20, 2003 Public Opinion Children learn about the dangers of becoming overweight
December 16, 2003 NY Times F.D.A. Moves to Let Drug Treat Obese Teenagers
December 9, 2003 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Diabetes feeds on child obesity
December 9, 2003 World Net Daily Today's teens becoming 'world's sickest adults'
December 4, 2003 Courier-Journal State survey finds students getting fatter
December 4, 2003 Daily Southtown Study: Chicago kids fatter than average
December 3, 2003 Chicago Sun-Times Childhood obesity here tips scales
December 3, 2003 Yahoo Business News Students Pass Nutrition IQ Test But Need to Boost Understanding
December 2, 2003 NY Times Prevention Can Start Young, Studies Suggest: but How?
November 27, 2003 Pottstown Mercury Fast lives, fast food exact a heavy price
November 26, 2003 The Oregonian Chewing The Fat
November 20, 2003 Birmingham News Living large
November 18, 2003 The Columbian On the Table: Teacher promotes healthy diet for students
November 16, 2003 Birmingham News Growing up big
November 14, 2003 The Missoulian Healthy debate
November 13, 2003 The Californian Ag forum takes on obesity issue
November 13, 2003 St. Petersburg Times Kid fuel: sugar and TV
November 10, 2003 The Mirror Life Expectancy Cut By Junk Generation
November 4, 2003 NY Times Pediatricians Urged to Step Up Fight Against Obesity
October 26, 2003 Kids at risk of heart disease in late teens if obesity epidemic not addressed
October 18, 2003 York Daily Record Study: Third of Pa. children are obese
October 11, 2003 Houston Chronicle Obesity poses greatest health risks for Hispanics
October 3, 2003 Townonline Honey, I stuffed the kids
September 30, 2003 New York Times Cause and Effect: Linked Again: Fat and Disease
September 17, 2003 Marshfield Mail Child obesity on the rise, budding national epidemic
September 14, 2003 New Haven Register The Big Picture
September 12, 2003 San Diego Union Tribune Food fight
September 10, 2003 Star-Ledger Prof launches 'Food Fight' against childhood obesity
September 8, 2003 KSL Type 2 Diabetes on the Rise
September 5, 2003 Boston Globe Slim chances of NFL fighting obesity
September 4, 2003 Tulare Advance Register Soda ban is a start to improve health
September 3, 2003 Rutland Herald Marketing obesity to kids
August 31, 2003 Florida Times Union 'I Don't Want To Die Young'
August 31, 2003 Santa Cruz Sentinel The future looks big
August 28, 2003 Needham Times Calling all Needhamites to eat well, be fit
August 26, 2003 New York Times Rising Obesity in Children Prompts Call to Action
August 24, 2003 Washington Post Virginia Wrestles With Weight Problem as Trend Grows
August 13, 2003 Boston Globe The big battle
August 10, 2003 USA Today Lighten up, kids
July 28, 2003 Jacksonville Patriot Arkansas children: Growing waistlines, growing problems
July 27, 2003 Washington Times Girth control
July 27, 2003 The Capital Kids and caffeine
July 25, 2003 Newhouse News Service Summer Camps Enlist in the Uphill Battle Against Kids' Obesity
July 24, 2003 NY Times Telling Youths Not to Inhale . . . Smoke or Junk Food
July 24, 2003 Guardian Fighting fat
July 22, 2003 NY Times Children Are Getting Fatter, U.S. Finds
July 22, 2003 News Observer Project goal: Get kids moving
July 21, 2003 NY Daily News Brothers battle the bulge
July 18, 2003 The Oregonian Help! We're too fat
July 18, 2003 Washington Times Report shows gains in child well-being
July 9, 2003 New York Times Obesity on Rise in New York Public Schools
July 7, 2003 Boston Globe A rebalanced diet
July 7, 2003 Arizona Republic Students running for health
July 1, 2003 Rocky Mountain News Life-changing decisions
June 29, 2003 The Journal News Teen decides to lose weight, improve health
June 29, 2003 SF Chronicle Overweight and obese children: The facts
June 26, 2003 Honolulu Star-Bulletin Heart health concerns experts
June 26, 2003 Columbus This Week: Overweight and underage
June 26, 2003 Newsweek Beets, Not Burgers
June 25, 2003 SF Chronicle Eating fruits, veggies pushed in bill
June 24, 2003 Reuters Too Much Soda May Cause Caffeine Headaches in Kids
June 24, 2003 Chambersburg Public Opinion Pay attention to warnings about diabetes
June 22, 2003 Fitchburg Sentinel Childhood Obesity: A Big Problem
June 22, 2003 Fond du Lac Reporter Fighting the fat in kids
June 22, 2003 Fond du Lac Rporter Fatty food diets called reason for rise in diabetes in children
June 22, 2003 Las Vegas Review-Journal A Family Affair
June 20, 2003 Bowling Green Daily News Community seeking federal grant
June 20, 2003 Daily Gate City Educators gather to discuss youth obesity
June 19, 2003 Iowa State Daily Health experts meet to combat obesity
June 17, 2003 Asheville Citizen-Times U.S. must rein in child obesity, or will face an epidemic of diabetes
June 13, 2003 Boston Globe Starting healthy habits
June 12, 2003 University of Buffalo Reporter Faculty members offer expertise on preventing childhood obesity
June 12, 2003 USA Today Poll Supports Action To Fight Child Obesity
June 12, 2003 Boston Globe Obesity study finds public issue is private matter
June 10, 2003 Washington Post Lean Plate Club: Portions for the Pint-Sized
June 9, 2003 Yahoo News Cholesterol Problems Start in Childhood
June 6, 2003 Palm Beach Post For FCAT success, break a sweat
May 30, 2003 The Californian Nutrition is her priority Information
May 29, 2003 Boston Globe Severe acute apathy syndrome
May 27, 2003 Reuters Young Children Served Large Portions May Overeat
May 25, 2003 Valley Morning Star Obesity In The Valley: National epidemic hits home
May 21, 2003 Detroit News Overweight kids raise health concerns
May 16, 2003 Sacramento Bee Label those trans fats
May 16, 2003 Standard-Times Facing up to a weighty issue
May 15, 2003 The Republican Journal The O generation
May 7, 2003 Lawyers plan new assault on fast food and obesity
May 5, 2003 San Francisco Chronicle Sugar is sweet, and so is hard cold cash
May 4, 2003 Valley Morning Star Professor: Sugars are sometimes real killers
May 4, 2003 New York Times The Futures of Food
May 4, 2003 Birmingham News Surgeon general favors education
May 3, 2003 Reuters Even Toddlers Are Obese, Study Shows
April 28, 2003 Jewish World Review Bodylessons: Helping our children lead healthier lives
April 27, 2003 Academy of General Dentistry Soft Drinks, Teens and Cavities
April 26, 2003 NWA News Poor lifestyle choices are killing us, state health director says
April 23, 2003 Forbes Fat profits for slim foods as WHO blasts candymen
April 22, 2003 Anchorage Daily News Growing problem
April 20, 2003 Herald Times Reporter Growing problem
April 20, 2003 Herald Times Reporter Obese children feel weight of despair
April 18, 2003 Good Housekeeping Magazine Obesity Worries Weigh Heavily on Food Industry
April 14, 2003 Daily Camera Sugar babies
April 13, 2003 Washington Times Children now at risk for Type 2 diabetes
April 11, 2003 Inland Valley News Officials discuss obesity epidemic
April 4, 2003 Reuters Health Want to Live to Age 90? Watch Your Weight at 21
April 8, 2003 Reuters Health Obese Kids Have Quality of Life on Par with Cancer
March 24, 2003 LA Times Blaming it on corn syrup
May, 2002 Pediatrics Economic Burden of Obesity in Youths Aged 6 to 17 Years: 1979-1999
February 17, 2001 The Lancet Relation between consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks andchildhood obesity: a prospective, observational analysis
June 16, 2000 Washington City Paper Hiding In Plain Sight

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