Legislation about Student Nutrition

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School Nutrition Legislation in the News
December 30, 2008 Des Moines Register Proposal would eliminate junk food in Iowa schools
March 6, 2007 Senate Eyes Stricter School Lunch Standards
April 11, 2005 Connecticut Post Food allies rewarded
March 18, 2005 Food Navigator Harkin gears up to table food advertising to kids bill
January 6, 2005 Center for Science in the Public Interest Guidelines for Marketing Food to Kids Proposed
July 11, 2004 Houston Chronicle Bill geared to help heavy Americans
May 11, 2004 CNS News Bill Banning Junk Food in Schools Called 'Legislative Lunacy'
May 2, 2004 Sacramento Bee Industry puts its weight into food fight
March 22, 2004 Washington Post Missing a Fat Target
March 20, 2004 Houston Chronicle Government will have to exercise more than words and take action
March 13, 2004 Grand Rapids Press Over-reaching on obesity: Outlawing suits against fast-food industry won't make us slimmer
March 13, 2004 Charlotte Observer FDA: Come clean on the calories
March 13, 2004 Star Ledger Government plans to whip up changes in food labels
March 13, 2004 Boston Globe Trash food makers fatten GOP coffers
March 12, 2004 New York Times Political Hot-Dogging in the House
January 23, 2004 NY Times The Sweet and Lowdown on Sugar
December 4, 2003 Austin American-Statesman Lieberman Seeks Probe on Junk Food Firms
December 1, 2003 The Guardian Curb on junk food adverts to combat child obesity
November 21, 2003 Arbiter Online A helping of tort with your fast food
November 9, 2003 NY Times Is Obesity the Responsibility of the Body Politic?
October 8, 2003 Contra Costa Times Schools call for free meals
September 4, 2003 US Newswire Companies to Voluntarily Disclose Added Sugars on Nutrition Facts Label, Call on FDA to Allow Added Sugars as Part of Consumer Campaign
June 24, 2003 Tech Central Station Nutrition Irrelevant?
June 24, 2003 Boston Globe Legal eagle eyes fast foods, soda at schools
June 8, 2003 Alameda Times-Star Is junk food the next tobacco?
June 8, 2003 Eau Claire Leader-Telegram Moving Plans
May 27, 2003 Boston Globe An obesity epidemic
May 7, 2003 News Leahy, Lugar Offer Bill to Limit Sales in Schools of Empty-Calorie Sodas, Snacks
April 10, 2003 BBC News MP angry over TV food ads
April 7, 2003 Kansas City Star School officials alarmed by proposal to tighten school lunch program
March 30, 2003 San Gabriel Valley News Child food program funds could be at risk in legislation
March 22, 2003 Tri-Valley Times Government wants a slimmer school lunch program
March 10, 2003 Indianapolis Star Proposal concerns food service officials
March 9, 2003 News Journal School lunches may get trim
March 8, 2003 Lewisville Leader Tougher school-lunch standards could hit 6,000 in LISD
March 7, 2003 Legislators Weighing School Soda Bans
March 5, 2003 More Milk for Schools, Urge Dairy Groups
March 5, 2003 Reuters U.S. Officials Ask for More School Lunch Aid
March 4, 2003 EurekAlert American Dietetic Association urges Congress to increase the role of nutrition education in schools
March 4, 2003 Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee-US Senate Testimony from March 4th 2003 hearing on reauthorization of the National School Lunch Program
March 4, 2003 High Plains Journal School Lunch/Nutrition Programs Under Fire
March 3, 2002 Portsmouth Herald No such thing as an (unverified) free lunch
February 26, 2003 L.A. Daily News 25% of children in free lunch program may be ineligible
February 26, 2003 Charlotte Observer Free-lunch rules could leave students hungry
February 25, 2003 Gannett News Service Ohio lagging on helping some hungry children, group says
February 25, 2003 USDA Veneman Outlines Administration Goals For Child Nutrition Programs
February 23, 2003 New York Times Are the Poor Suffering From Hunger Anymore?
February 13, 2003 The Exponent Bush takes bite out of school lunches
February 12, 2003 USA Today Legislators try to outlaw soft drinks, sugary snacks at schools
February 10, 2003 Dayton Daily News Don't play ketchup with school lunches
February 4, 2003 New York Times Aid to Poor Faces More Scrutiny

United States Department of Agriculture
US Department of Agriculture State Competitive Food Policies
US Department of Agriculture Competitive Foods - Report to Congress
US Department of Agriculture National School Lunch Program
US Department of Agriculture Program History
US Department of Agriculture National School Lunch Program/School Breakfast Program: Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value

February 12, 2004 Anchorage Daily News Bill seeks to limit the sale of soft drinks in schools
March 2, 2003 Anchorage Daily News House bill aims to slow schools' soda pop sales

April 26, 2005 Arizona Republic Napolitano signs school junk food ban
April 15, 2005 Arizona Republic Senate OKs junk-food ban
April 12, 2005 Arizona Republic Soda, candy ban at elementary, junior high schools nears passage
March 29, 2005 Arizona Republic Junk-food ban shedding weight
March 24, 2005 Arizona Republic Junk food bill gains weight with senators
March 8, 2005 Arizona Republic House OKs school junk food ban
March 3, 2005 Arizona Republic High schools taken out again from bill to ban junk food
March 1, 2005 Arizona Republic 'Junk food bill' may exclude high schools
February 16, 2005 KVOA High schools back in junk food ban
January 28, 2005 Arizona Republic Legislator seeks school junk-food ban

July 15, 2007 Sacramento Bee Farm bill should focus on healthful foods
September 14, 2005 CSPI Newsroom Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs California School Nutrition Bills
September 7, 2005 Sacramento Bee Junk food bills win Senate OK
August 31, 2005 ArriveNet California Takes Key First Step to Protect Children's Health
June 29, 2005 Whittier Daily News Legislature inches toward junk food ban
June 3, 2005 Whittier Daily News Flurry of bills beat deadline
May 9, 2005 Desert Sun Making snacks scarce a goal
March 30, 2005 SF Chronicle Get junk food out of our schools
March 16, 2005 KTVU State Lawmakers Set Nutrition Standards On School Food Soy Happy Updates
Text of SB677
September 1, 2004 SF Chronicle Back to junk food
November 25, 2003 SF Chronicle Take the junk food out of school meals
September 17, 2003 Daily Republic New law limits soda sales at schools
August 28, 2003 Sacramento Bee Bill restricting sales at schools sent to governor
August 22, 2003 Contra Costa Times Assembly approves soda ban for state's elementary schools
July 27, 2003 Sacramento Bee Addicted schools
July 24, 2003 SF Chronicle New hurdle for soda ban
July 10, 2003 Sacramento Bee Disservice to kids
July 3, 2003 SF Chronicle Another step toward soda ban
July 2, 2003 SF Chronicle Public school soda-sale ban advances
June 29, 2003 Sacramento Bee A Capitol debate with fizz
May 30, 2003 Sacramento Bee Senate votes to move the fizz off-campus
May 15, 2003 San Francisco Chronicle Wean the schools from soda habit -- yes on California SB677
March 5, 2003 SF Chronicle State bid to offer veggie school lunches
March, 2003 McDougalll Newsletter Project Healthy Beginnings Sponsors California Resolution for Healthier School Lunches
February 10, 2003 Sacramento Bee Legislators want school food, drink to shape up
October, 2001 SB19 (summary or full text)
September 07, 2001 How SB 19 was dramatically scaled back after lobbying by California school administrators

April 12, 2006 CBS4 Owens Junks Bill Limiting Junk Food In School
January 26, 2006 CBS4 Lawmakers Consider Tougher School Junk Food Law

May 4, 2006 New Haven Advocate Kick the Can
April 28, 2006 Connecticut Post Legislature bans sugary drinks, sodas from schools
April 11, 2006 Connecticut Post Junk food ban bill gets a second life
June 28, 2005 Record-Journal Group questions governor's decision
June 15, 2005 NY Times Rell Vetoes Junk-Food Limit in Connecticut's Public Schools
June 2, 2005 NBC30 Rell Still Undecided On Bill Banning Soda, Junk Food In Schools
May 19, 2005 NY Times Hartford House Votes to Limit School Junk Food Sales
May 18, 2005 Stamford Advocate House debates bill banning soda in schools
May 10, 2005 NY Times Connecticut Lawmakers Debate Strict Bill on School Nutrition
May 7, 2005 Bristol Press Soda makers pull out all stops to put big chill on school ban
May 12, 2004 Orange Bulletin New law aims for active kids
May 6, 2003 Norwalk Hour School candy sales debated
March 29, 2003 Connecticut Post Junk food at schools may get 'just desserts'

April 13, 2004 Orlando Sentinel House, Senate debate more PE classes, junk food ban to make students healthier
April 6, 2004 Miami Herald Lawmakers making limited progress in fight against youth obesity
March 18, 2004 Palm Beach Post State's action on obesity offers thin solution
December 15, 2003 St Petersburg Times Legislators aim to take candy from schoolkids

March 6, 2005 Atlanta Journal Constitution Legislators weigh action on childhood obesity

March 22, 2003 Honolulu Star Bulletin School lunches hungry for funds

October 10, 2006 Chicago Sun Times Junk food ban OKd for elementary, middle schools
April 13, 2006 Quad-City Times Blagojevich’s proposed school junk food ban blocked
February 26, 2004 Bloomington Pantagraph General Assemby serves up buffet of bills regarding food
January 8, 2004 Rockford Register Star Push begins for ban on junk food in schools
December 20, 2003 Chester Sun Times Soda and Junk Food Could Be Banned From School Vending Machines

February 10, 2006 Indianapolis Star Taking steps to save our kids
March 7, 2004 Indianapolis Star Legislators threw away opportunities to address state's critical issues
December 17, 2003 Indianapolis Star Hey, kids, let's get physical (as in fitness) in school
May 21, 2003 Evansville Courier & Press Stipend fund plan is raising questions
March 27, 2003 Henderson Gleaner Medical chiefs team up over school vending machine contents

December 30, 2008 Des Moines Register Proposal would eliminate junk food in Iowa schools

March 10, 2005 Times Leader Kentucky passes exercise, nutrition bill
March 9, 2005 WAVE General Assembly Passes Bill On School Nutrition, Exercise
March 7, 2005 Lexington Herald-Leader Dietitians support bill to improve school nutrition
March 3, 2005 Lexington Herald-Leader House passes revamped junk food bill
March 2, 2005 Macon Telegraph Kentucky legislates student nutrition
February 18, 2005 Lexington Herald-Leader Senate votes for healthier school food
February 11, 2005 Lexington Herald-Leader House approves bill to limit junk food in schools
February 3, 2005 Lexington Herald-Leader House panel passes bill limiting junk food in schools
March 7, 2004 Louisville Courier Journal Bills to Watch
March 4, 2004 Louisville Courier Journal House OKs school soft-drink bill
February 10, 2004 Louisville Courier Journal Slight majority backs removal of junk foods
February 4, 2004 Kentucky Post Trying again
January 23, 2004 Courier-Journal House approves junk-snack ban
January 17, 2004 Glasgow Daily Times House panel OKs bill curbing school sales of sugary food
March 23, 2003 Louisville Courier Journal Bills face final, slim chance to pass
February 25, 2003 Courier-Journal Senators bury bill to limit junk food and soda in schools
March 13, 2002 The Cincinnati Enquirer Henry battles junk food in school

June 21, 2005 Times Picayune Bill limiting junk food in school vending machines nears passage
May 12, 2005 New Orleans Times-Picayune School snack bill waddles past panel
May 8, 2005 New Orleans Times-Picayune Bill takes aim at junk food in schools
April 14, 2005 KPLC Junk Food Ban

May 14, 2005 Portland Press Herald Nutrition bill aims to promote healthier offerings for kids
May 6, 2005 Morning Sentinel Anti-obesity bill sheds some provisions
January 22, 2005 Legislators to take on obesity in session
December 3, 2003 Bangor Daily News Sugar-Free Education
March 18, 2003 Portland Press Herald Ban on school soda, candy fails
March 6, 2003 Waldoboro Courier-Gazette Editorial: Get the sugar out
February 14, 2003 Washington Times Maine Democrats go to war on obesity

February 11, 2004 Washington Post Student Obesity Targeted
October 23, 2003 Washington Post Lawmaker Takes On Child Obesity
March 17, 2003 Washington Post Bill Seeks to Balance Md. Students' Snacks

January 24, 2006 The Republican Healthy cafeteria fare a recipe for success
October 20, 2005 West Roxbury Transcript Pols: Let's just say no to junk food
October 6, 2005 KTVU Bill Would Ban Junk Food In Mass. Schools
March 19, 2005 Fitchburg Sentinel Lawmakers discuss public health matters
October 5, 2003 Milford Daily News Obesity a weighty issue in State House
July 19, 2003 Boston Globe Making our schools obesity-free
July 15, 2003 Milford Daily News Newton rep wants 'junk food' restrictions placed on schools
June 8, 2003 Boston Globe Taking ads to school
July 16, 2002 Boston Globe School may be out for junk food

April 26, 2004 Detroit Free Press Junk Food Ban: State standards would be healthy choice for schools
April 16, 2004 Detroit News Bill would ban school junk food
May 23, 2003 Lansing State Journal Bill seeks to take the fat out of some students' meal choices
May 21, 2003 Macomb Daily Lawmaker wants to junk school snack foods

March 3, 2003 Minneapolis Star-Tribune Oberstar targets childhood obesity

January 15, 2005 Independent Legislation versus education

January 15, 2004 Reno Gazette-Journal Lawmakers study ways to stem tide of youth obesity

New Hampshire
March 25, 2005 Foster's Online N.H. Senate votes down proposal to ban junk food
March 12, 2005 Portsmouth Herald Bill to push healthy eating in schools deserves passage

New Jersey
May 27, 2005 Cranbury Press State eyes ban on junk food
May 23, 2005 Newsday Schools would stop selling soda, chips, candy under new measures
November 22, 2004 Jersey Journal School junk food limit gets Assembly OK
November 19, 2004 New Jersey Star-Ledger Views sought on banning junk food in schools
November 16, 2004 Burlington County Times N.J. Senate gets bill on school junk foods
September 14, 2004 Express Times Assembly committee OKs anti-sugar bill

New Mexico
February 6, 2004 Silver City Daily Press Proposed measure would create nutrition council to regulate food quality statewide

New York
April 29, 2006 Press & Sun Bulletin New York lawmaker pushes crackdown on junk food in schools
June 10, 2004 Journal News Assembly passes junk food ban in school vending machines
February 3, 2004 Ithaca Journal Lawmakers want junk food sales banned in schools

North Carolina
May 26, 2005 Boston Globe North Carolina tackling kids' obesity
May 3, 2005 News and Observer Junk for school lunch? Not if this bill passes

North Dakota
February 3, 2005 KFYR Senate Defeats Proposal to Restrict Pop Sales in Schools

January 25, 2004 Marion Star All have role in keeping Americans from going belly out

April 14, 2005 ChannelOklahoma Henry Signs 'Fit Kids' Bill
April 7, 2005 KFOR Junk food ban goes to governor
March 9, 2005 Aberdeen American News Okla. cracks down on junk food in schools

February 8, 2007 East Oregonian Legislators revive bill targeting sodas, sugary snacks in schools
May 10, 2005 Oregon Live Senate passes watered-down junk food bill
May 7, 2005 Seattle Post Intelligencer Soda pop industry helps kill Oregon junk-food-ban bill pouring rights
April 4, 2005 The Oregonian Bills aim to reduce junk food in schools
March 29, 2005 News-Review Legislators hear bills to ban junk food in schools
March 25, 2005 Salem Statesman Journal Oregon lawmakers seek junk-food ban in schools
April 9, 2003 The Oregonian Obesity issue needs political will-do power
April 3, 2003 The Register-Guard Students can breathe easy: Bill likely won't affect local offerings
March 18, 2003 Salem Statesman Journal Senator cracks down on school junk food

Rhode Island
April 7, 2004 Pawtucket Times Snack foods face expulsion from schools

South Carolina
May 3, 2005 The State Legislature making impressive progress on important second-tier bills
April 5, 2005 WIS Bill would increase PE requirements, cut school junk food
April 7, 2004 Maryville Daily Times Bills to limit textbook weight, junk food pass subcommittee
March 26, 2003 Rock Hill Herald Legislators at odds with districts over junk food on school campuses
February 25, 2003 Orangeburg Times Democrat Senators want to legislate healthy lifestyles for youths

April 29, 2004 The Daily Times Bill advances to limit junk food in schools
January 27, 2004 The Chattanoogan Burchett Files Bill To Remove Vending Machines From Schools
May 1, 2003 Hilton head Island Packet Bills to carry over to 2004
April 24, 2003 The Tennessean Bill to ban junk food at K-8 schools held by Senate for study
April 23, 2003 The Tennessean School junk-food bill stalls
April 19, 2003 The Leaf Chronicle State tackles junk food ban
April 17, 2003 Nashville City Paper Parents, not state, should regulate kids' diets
April 16, 2003 The Tennessean Bill bans sale of junk food at school

June 13, 2003 Longview News Journal State official: Bill hurt kids' nutrition
May 9, 2003 Houston Chronicle SCHOOL FOOD
May 7, 2003 Corpus Christi Caller Times Anti-junk food measure is abandoned
May 4, 2003 Valley Morning Star New health bill targets school vending machines
April 26, 2003 Brownsville Herald For the kids
April 20, 2003 Odessa American Few districts have implemented school health law
April 10, 2003 Corpus Christi Caller-Times Bill may take the fizz out of public school
April 1, 2003 Houston Chronicle Committee to consider rules for soda, junk food at schools
April 1, 2003 Odessa American State bill could further restrict students' access to sodas, candy
February 14, 2003 Corpus Christi Caller-Times So long snacks, hello healthy food
February 6, 2003 El Paso Times Bills fight kids' obesity, push exercise

October 5, 2007 Salt Lake Tribune School vending machines: Board treads slowly on junk-food rules
February 25, 2003 Utah State Legislature Text of Bill 186

Washington State
February 20, 2003 The Olympian House panel hears fears of junk food

March 25, 2004 Wisconsin Ag Connection Kind Removes Roadblocks to Healthy Child Nutrition
September 17, 2003 Wisconsin Ag Connection State Lawmakers Taking Action Against Obesity

June 8, 2003 Caspar Star Tribune Pop ban requested in Cody schools

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