Student Nutrition Services (SNS) has submitted two proposals (links below) for Prop H funding for the 08-09 school year. One is for $250,000 to fund the first year of a planned four-year installation of a Point of Sale (POS) swipe card system in every school. The other would provide $130,000 to expand the very popular and successful salad bars to 12 or 13 more schools, in addition to the 25 which will be open by then end of this school year. The POS system is expected to generate savings of about $1 million per year when fully implemented in all schools, by centralizing inventory and ordering, and reducing food waste. The salad bars have already increased lunch participation at schools which have them by an average of 16%, with some schools showing extraordinary increases, like Thurgood Marshall HS, where lunch participation is up 58% with the salad bar, and Horace Mann MS where it is up 59%. Salad bars provide students with nutritious organic romaine, plus an assortment of popular raw vegetables, fruit, and whole grain breads, in addition to the hot meal. More students eating this healthy school lunch brings more revenue for SNS, allowing them to reduce their deficit and its encroachment on the general fund, and freeing up more money for classroom needs.

The most common complaints heard from students about school food - that they want more fresh food, that they want more nutritious food, that they want food that tastes better, and that the meal is not enough food to fill up older or more active students - are all addressed by the addition of a salad bar to the hot lunch offerings. To see Balboa High School students talking about their salad bar, go to:

Superintendent Carlos Garcia has recommended funding both proposals, but the Prop H committee recommended only the POS proposal and has not recommended funding the salad bars. Now the Board of Education must complete its own spending plan for Prop H 08-09 spending.

The final decision on what the district will propose rests with the Board of Education!


Please write to the Board of Education and to Superintendent Carlos Garcia and ask them to fund both the POS system and the salad bar expansion!

Addresses for Board of Education members

Address for Superintendent Carlos Garcia


Use as many or as few of these suggestions as you like

Please support the two proposals from Student Nutrition Services, to install the Point of Sale swipe card system, and to open more salad bars.

Both of these proposals have been shown to increase meal participation and revenue, which will help eliminate the SNS deficit and encroachment on the general fund, as well as provide better food for our students.

Students love the salad bars which are already open, and lunch participation at salad bar schools has increased by 16% overall, and at some schools like Thurgood Marshall HS and Horace Mann MS, by almost 60%.

Salad bars provide our students with the fresh nutritious fruits and vegetables which are lacking in their diets. Studies show that when fried potatoes are eliminated, 80% of high school students do not get the recommended number of serving of fruits and vegetables daily.

Many studies show a connection between better nutrition and higher academic achievement.

It is counterproductive to spend money on academic support if students are sitting in class hungry because they ate no breakfast and then skipped lunch; making the lunch more appealing by adding more of the fresh, nutritious food students have been asking for has been proven to increase the number of students eating lunch in the cafeteria.

Only 25 salad bars will be open this year; many school serving primarily low income students will not be getting a salad bar in this first round. Social justice demands that EVERY student have access to the same high quality meals now available at salad bar schools.

It is essential that the Board of Education begin funding the Point of Sale system and the salad bar expansion, in order for SNS to be able to also seek outside funding to help. How can SNS seek funding from a foundation or a wealthy individual if even the school district won't recognize the importance of these projects by helping to fund them?

Read the full proposal for the POS here:

Read the full proposal for the salad bars here:

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